Wednesday, June 16, 2021

May Reading List

 I am so glad that the summer season is here. I am definitely in the camp that prefers longer days; I just feel like I have so much more time to do this and that and I am just overall a more productive person. Plus, I feel like the summer sun brings out the nicer side in people {as long as it’s not too hot…}. 

One of my New Year’s Goals is to read a hundred books this year and I am only on book number twenty-six right now… I definitely plan to do a lot of reading this summer and try to get as close to that goal as possible. I only read three books during the month of May, but I highly recommend all three of them!

The Book of Lost Friends, by Lisa Wingate

Last summer I read Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ and I am seriously asking myself ‘why did I wait so long to read The Book of Lost Friends…’ I love Wingate’s writing style and the ability to create a seamless storyline while telling multiple stories. 


It’s 1987 and Benedetta Silva, a young new teacher, finds herself in small town Augustine, Louisiana teaching at a lower-income school. The students, the curious people of Augustine, and the lives of the students drives Ms. Silva to look further into the town’s history to better understand her students and her new surrounding. Her research leads her to unearth new information, connect her students to the past on a personal level, and even find a romantic spark. 


Rewind to 1875; Hannie, a freed slave, by obligation, accompanies Lavinia, the heir to a plantation, and Juneau Jane, Lavinia’s Creole half-sister, to Texas in search of their father and the legal paperwork that entitles them to what is rightfully theirs in the event that anything has happened to him.  


The two time periods are so thoughtfully woven together in a way that creates one seamless story. Highly recommend!


Under The Southern Sky, Kristy Woodson Harvey

I am such a fan of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s book. They always make the perfect beach read/lazy summer day read. Her characters are always so relatable on some level. I always love how her stories convey the message that sometimes you have to weather a storm to get to a sunny time in life; a nice reminder we could all use every now and then. 


Click Here to read my book review of ‘Under the Southern Sky’! 5 star book all the way!


Babycakes, by Donna Kauffman 

I stumbled across the Cupcake Club book series on Audible months ago, and admittedly some of them are hit or miss, but they are light-hearted, fun, and entertaining. 


Babycakes is the third book in the series, and it is honestly one of the better one with such a sweet story line. This particular book centers around Kit Bellamy and Morgan Westlake and his niece. Kit moves to Sugarberry to start a new life after losing her family owned pie business. In very short order she meets a very attractive Morgan and his adorable niece, who are all time short. The two try their best to fight off their romantic towards each other, but in time… 


If you are in need of alight-hearted escape from reality this book is for you!

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