Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Under The Southern Sky

Kristy Woodson Harvey writes some of the best summer reads, hands down. I first became familiar with Kristy Woodson Harvey years ago, even before she was an author, through her Instagram page and blog, Design Chic, and I completely fell in love with her sense of style and design. When her first book, Dear Caroline, was released, I could not wait to get my hands on it, and have been hooked on her books ever since. To say Kristy is a multi talented person would be an understatement.   

Under The Southern Sky is her most recent book, but I also highly recommend the other six books Woodson has written, and if you are looking for a series to read this summer, the Peachtree Bluff Series is an absolute must!  While I am on the topic of Kristy’s other books…I am going to go ahead and jump the gun and say that I am so excited for her first holiday book, Christmas in Peachtree Bluff, being released in just a few months!!! I am obviously a fan, but her writing style is just so beautiful and she just has a way of weaving together a story, how could anyone not fall in love with the stories she creates is beyond me. 

Under The Southern Sky centers around the story of Amelia Saxton and Parker, and how the life of Greer was able to wave the lives of others together. It is the ultimate story of love, loss, and redemption. 


Journalist, Amelia Saxton, who is recently separated, due to surprising circumstances, dives into what could be the biggest story of her career only to become very personally entwined on the subject. Amelia discovers that her childhood friend, Parker, has a cluster of embryos created by him and his late wife, Greer - that have been deemed abandoned. She is put in the position to deliver the news to Parker, who is surprised by her finding. 


Parker has straggled to move forward ever since his wife has passed on. He had forgotten about the embryos, but after Amelia’s call he is desperate to have a piece of Greer back with him. 


The current grief Parker and Amelia have been dealing with brings them together in a way that only grief, the past, and unexplored feelings for each other can. After reading a passage from Greer’s journal Amelia can’t help but volunteer herself to be Parker’s surrogate. 


Needless to say, both Parker and Amelia’s surprise their families {who live next door to one another}. However, there is always a silver lining. Their mother’s have always wanted to be each other’s in-laws and have always thought there was a spark between Amelia and Parker, and want more of a perfect way to bring two people together than such unusual circumstances.


Highly recommend this book. Kristy Woodson Harvey is a master weaver of stories and character development. I always love how her books demonstrate that even though hardships may present themselves in our lives, it’s not the end of the road. There’s always a bright spot up ahead, and what we have envisioned for ourselves may not turn out the way we expect, but sometimes even better than we could have ever dreamed of. So true in this story and in real life.


“I’ve given into the pull of the moon, to the song of the sea, to the magical divinity that exists, under the southern sky.”

~ Kristy Woodson Harvey

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