Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tips For A Better Nights Rest

 For about the past two years I have had to worst time falling asleep on a given night. Needless to say, when Covid emerged it did not help the whole sleep situation. I feel like we live in such a stress inducing society… I know everything that is currently going on is very serious, but sometimes I feel like the news networks need to take a cue from Anchorman… report some good news. After all, constant negativity gets a little old after awhile.

Taking everything into consideration, I am sure I am not the only one who has difficulty sleeping at night. So, I thought I would share a few tips on how to have a better nights rest.

Melatonin// Up until last year I was one of those people who was personally strongly against anything to aid you in going to sleep. However, now I am a convert. This maybe an obviously solution to a better nights sleep, but if you haven’t given it a go yet I highly recommend you do.


Reduce Caffeine// For the most part I have given up caffeine. I started to noticed that on days where I would have two or more cokes it made me a little edgy and a little harder to fall asleep at night


Set Your Phone Aside At Night// I used to think that the whole blue light affecting your sleep at night was ridiculous, but I have actually found it to be true. Setting your phone aside 30 minutes before you go to bed really does make a huge difference


Shower// I have found that taking a shower right before I get in bed helps me to relax and unwind a little better


Read// Reading is something I found that helps me to switch my thoughts off right before bed. Who wants to stay up worrying about things that can’t do anything about in the moment…


Exercise// Honestly, exercising has so many benefits other than the obvious one of staying in shape. Exercise can definitely help improve your sleep cycle, just be sure not to exercise too close to your bedtime


Comfortable Sheets// This is probably a pretty obvious one, but sheets, covers, and the right pillow really can make all the difference

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