Monday, April 5, 2021

March Reading List

I for one am glad the month of April has finally arrived. I know most people feel that January and February are the hard months to make it through, but personally, I feel like it’s March… The weather is everywhere, I never know what to wear, and all the up and down temperature makes me feel a little blue after a while… Definitely ready for a little weather consistency and the warmer days that lay ahead. In the meantime here is a quick roundup of all the book I read in March!

Sweet Stuff, by Donna Kauffman

To be a hundred percent honest, I was a little skeptical of the ‘Cupcake Club’ book series, but downloaded them because they are included in my Audible membership, and I have to say, I am presently surprised… I am also addicted to the series at this point. 


Riley Brown’s life has taken her from Chicago all the way down south to Sugarberry, GA. She has a new career, new friends, and even a new love interest, and a past to add to the juiciness. 


Highly recommend this book if you are on the hunt for a light-heart, feel good story. 


Then She Was Gone, by Lisa Jewell

This is probably my favorite book during the month of March. It is a fast-pace thriller that will keep you up to the late hours of the night. Basically, the definition of a ‘page-turner’. 


Ellie Mack is the youngest of three children, her mother considers her to be the perfect daughter, and she is very loved by her parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend, and those in her community. Just days before she is supposed to take her end of term exams she goes missing. 


Her Mother, Laura Mack, and the rest of her family are left trying to pull their life back together. Ten year’s later Ellie’s case is reopened with a dark and twisted path to travel down.


Sweetbitter, by Stephanie Danler

I know this book has been turned into a series, and maybe it was just me, and maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for this type of book at the time I listened to it, but I honestly wasn’t taken with the storyline… In full transparency, it got a little worn out after a while. 3.5/5 book rating for me. 


Tess, a twenty-two-year-old who is new to NYC, quickly lands a job at a very popular and upscale downtown restaurant. A story of steeping into ones own life and finding out who you are. 


The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig

This is another book I feel didn’t quite live up to its hype, but it was honestly a pretty read overall. 


Nora Seed finds herself unhappy in life and filled and already filled to the brim with more regret than any thirty-five-year-old should have. After a bad decision, which Nora thought would be her last, she finds herself in her own library filled with an endless amount of book, which all lead to a different life that she could have lead if she had made even one small different decision. She finds herself on a journey trying to figure out if any of these other lives would have been better than her own.

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