Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hitting The Wall

 This week I feel like I have completely hit the wall. I know things are getting better Covid wise, restrictions are being lifted, people being able to convert back a little to how and what they did pre-pandemic, but lets face facts, things still feel so odd at times. 

On a personal level, even without the pandemic in the equation, 2020 was like the year of wrong; I feel like my life folded itself up nice and neat, hoped in the metaphoric basket and went to hell. And incase you are wondering, no, I am not a dramatic person… Life is so drastically different now than it was a year and a half ago and sometimes things just feel so overwhelming, and I get in this mindset that nothing is ever going to workout, and it’s like life just won’t fall into place sometimes, and it can be a little frustrating. But, as the saying goes, things fall apart so something better can fall together {hopefully that is true}.


This week I have really felt overwhelmed with different things, and this may sound weird to say, but I have come to find that having too much time on your hands is just as bad as having too little time, which is overwhelming on both ends. So, I figured there are a few other people out there who might be feeling the same way, and thought I would share in the hopes that you don’t feel so alone in what you are feeling in the struggle of hitting the preverbal wall. 


It’s definitely during times like these that we need to be a little kinder to ourselves, take a deep breath, count our blessings for what we have, and remember that all good things come with time. In the meantime, here are a few quotes for a little pick-me-up!

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