Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 Self-care and self-love have become two trending phrases over the last year or two. For some reason, during times of stress, it seems that we let things we would normally do fall to the wayside, or at least I do. Ironically, some times, stressful times are when we need to do things for ourselves the most in order to reduce stress. I feel like living in a stress and anxiety-inducing society has become the norm {which can really be unhealthy}. I can’t believe we are approaching a year of living in a worldwide pandemic. Honestly, just that thought alone makes me feel a little antsy. 

I feel like now it is more important than ever to practice self-care, make sure we are staying safe, keeping our families safe, and living a healthy life. That said, like everything else during these times, it is a little bit of a challenge. For me personally, I feel a little paralyzed at time just because things are so drastically different than they were a year ago; even though there is so much going on in the world, on a personally level it has made the day-to-day of everyday living a little mundane. I definitely fall off the bandwagon every now and then, but for the most part here are a few things to take care of myself/indulge in a little self-pampering. I would also love to hear what you all do to practice self-care. 

Workout// per usual, I feel out of the habit of working around the holiday season. I have am trying to get back into the swing of working out, and it really does make such a difference mentally and on the days I do workout I sleep so much at night


Devotionals// Before last year I was not the type of person who was in the practice of doing devotionals. I had broken up with someone, and after being with someone for a period of time you kind of become anchored to that person, and as odd as it sounds I was trying to anchor myself to myself. To do that I was trying to improve certain aspects of my life and this was one of them. Believe or not, I have found that reading through devotionals really decreases anxiety. I know some people prefer to them in the morning, but I do them at night just to get my mind going in a different direction. This is the one I am reading through right now

Unplug// Social media, news alerts, text messages, emails, etc. can be a little overwhelming at times. Unpluging for an hour or two to read a book, have a little quite time, go for a walk, can really lower stress and anxiety level and it seems to aide in gaining perspective on different things you may be thinking about


Get the Right Amount of Sleep// Just the decline in daily activity {i.e. in-person work, meeting friends for dinner, going to the gym, etc.} can make it a little hard to sleep sometimes just because I’m not excreting as much energy in a naturally organic way as I was last year. I have found that it helps to make a few plans with people who are in your covid circle {I really think social interaction is just a stress reliever}, exercise, reading before bed, and sleeping on nice sheets and pillowcase really helps. This is my current favorite pillowcase, and as an added bonus, it’s anti-aging 

Eat Right// At the start of Covid {aka quarantine} I feel like we were all so guilty of overeating and cooking to pass the time. I mean, bread making became a big trend in 2020 – I feel like that says a lot. I had already gained some weight from just being so stressed out at the end of 2019/start of 2020, and then, of course I gained some weight during quarantine… I have really been making the effort to eat healthier food and exercise, and I can tell you from personal experience, eating healthy makes a huge difference in your energy level, ability to process information, and it is a lot kinder to the waistline.

Take Time to Relax// Sometimes we all just need to put on something comfortable {shop my favorite lounge pants here}, watching a favorite movie, and just let the stress of the day melt away 

Journal// Taking the time to write down what is on your mind, reflect on a few things, and basically do a mental brain dump is a great way to work things out, let go of things, and release whatever it is you might be carrying around

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Guest Post :: 5 Easy Ways To Look A Decade Younger

 For me personally, I started paying attention to the aging process around 25 {I definitely had a quarter life crisis}. I got super into face cream, especially anti-aging ones, I’ve been an avid user of sunscreen my entire life, but started paying more attention to products that included spf in their creams and so on. For some reason more often than not women get caught up in the anti-aging skincare {which is important}, but there are other things that can make you look older such as hair style/length, how you dress, the colors you pair with your skin, makeup, etc. Today, Carrie is going to share five ways to look a decade younger!

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Aging is one of those truths of life many of us just don’t want to accept. That being said, a long life is a precious gift, and it’s something to be grateful for.

Embracing aging as a natural part of life is easy when you match your positive mindset with your appearance, and it all starts by applying some simple tricks that will keep you looking younger.

Shave years off your appearance by choosing the right hair color and style

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you when they first meet you. Given its important role in making a great first impression, minimizing the signs of aging should be your top priority.

Start by brightening or enriching your hair color to help it blend naturally with your gray hair. Don’t reach for dramatically darker hair colors than your natural hue. Doing so will only accentuate lines, wrinkles, and thinning hair even more while also being a dead giveaway that you’re coloring it. Don’t try to maintain your natural shade either – lightening is key to achieving a more youthful look. You can also rely on the length, style, and layering techniques to hide the signs of aging and appear younger. 

Create an illusion of a younger look with the help of makeup

Speaking of relying on colors and different styling techniques to combat the signs of aging, makeup is another useful tool to add to your anti-age arsenal. Thick brows, curly lashes, full lips, subtle rosy cheeks, and an even skin tone are all symbols of a youthful appearance. The best part? You can replicate them easily by using just several makeup products.

Create a blank slate by using color corrector, concealer, and a foundation on a previously moisturized skin. To add color, use a shimmery peach or pink blush paired with a creamy stick highlighter and powder illuminator. Rely on subtle pinks or neutrals to accentuate the lips you’ve previously overdrawn a bit, and wake up your eyes using light shades, soft shadowed liner, brow definer, and an eyelash curler.

Photo by Jaime Rivera from Pexels

Rely on surgical procedures and treatments to maintain a youthful appearance

While makeup and hair coloring can be effective tools in the battle against the aging process, scheduling a surgical procedure can be a great way to maintain that youthful appearance for longer. If you’re looking to simplify your morning routine and fix any imperfections in an instant and achieve longer-lasting effects, there are treatments and procedures that can help you get there.

An eye and brow lift can fix the appearance of droopy eyelids and rejuvenate your look, while Botox helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Something as simple as going for a lasik eye surgery procedure can reduce your dependence on glasses which are known to add five or more years to your age. Other simple procedures that can help you look a decade younger include lip, cheek, and forehead fillers, chin augmentation, skin tightening, and laser hair removal.

Freshen up your wardrobe to help dress up your age

Dressing up to look younger doesn’t necessarily mean borrowing things from your daughter’s closet, although there are some looks you can definitely steal! First, set the foundation by wearing the right undergarments. Then, stock up on form-fitting pieces that accentuate your best assets. It can be a fitted pencil skirt that cinches your waist and/or reveals gorgeous legs. Or, it can be a flattering blouse that shows off your shoulders or a stunning decolletage. Balance is key, so if you choose to show off one area, cover up all the others. Baggy clothes can add up to fifteen years, so it’s best to avoid them.

As for the accessories – pendants and jewelry will catch the eye, while a simple and elegant silk scarf will help camouflage neck wrinkles. Some other clothing tricks that can take years off your appearance include brightening up your wardrobe color palette, embracing patterns, adding bold and unexpected elements, and simply wearing jeans.

Look younger by stepping up your skincare game

Just like wardrobe, our skincare regimen should change with time. As we age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and becomes paler and thinner, which is usually followed by uneven pigmentation. This is why it’s important to step up your skin care game on time and secure a healthy, youthful glow later on.

We all know that wearing sunscreen with high SPF and keeping your skin moisturized are key components of a healthy, radiant complexion. However, you should also add a couple of other anti-aging ingredients to your usual skincare routine. These include retinoids (they boost collagen production), vitamin C (a powerful glow-booster and antioxidant), and Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs (they brighten and exfoliate the skin, minimize sun damage, and reduce hyperpigmentation).

Wrapping up

Whether you’re 40, 50, or 60, taking years off your appearance doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you can manage to retain that youthful glow and look as great as you feel. 


Meta Description

The wish to remain beautiful and young-looking is universal, and while there’s no way to stop the aging process, there are definitely ways to slow it down. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Night Thought


Pantone Color For 2021 :: Ultimate Gray And Illuminating

 When I first heard that the pantone colors for 2021 were going to be ultimate gray and illuminating {aka yellow} I inwardly cringed. My initial thought was that they made kind of a dreary combination…after all, hadn’t 2020 already been dreary enough? However, after I thought on it and browsed a few new items from various collections the color combination grew on me.

Yellow brings a little brightness to things {as long as it’s done in the right hue} and it plays off the gray in a very attractive way. Here are a few gray and yellow items I am loving in the official 2021 Panton colors!

Tory Burch Robinson Tote in Gray Heron

I have this purse in this version and in the old version and love them both equally. It is such a great purse to take to various meetings, work, or to take with you on your errands run. Also, I love how the center section of this purse is large enough to accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop 

Palmacea Lotto 43 One Piece 

I have been on the fence for years as to whether or not purchase a one-piece swimsuit. This one is winning me over with its tie shoulder straps and the glamorous retro print

Head Over Heels, by Hannah Orenstein

The cover artist of this book must have had some foresight as to what lay ahead. Not to mention the cover is completely adorable! This book has been on my list for the longest time and I have heard such great things about it – will definitely be reading soon!

Sarah Flint Grear Sandals

I had the opportunity to work with the Sarah Flint company recently and completely feel in love with their shoes, the designs, and the extra quality touches they add to each pair. I guess this color combo is technically gold and silver, but it is just such a fabulous shoe, I couldn’t help but share. 

J. Crew Dreamy Long-Sleeve Cotton Pajama Set 

I have this particular pajama set in last year’s Christmas fabric and the stripe version, and let me just say, the fabric is heaven. Hands down, best cozy pajamas out there!

Waterfall Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 4

If Anthropologie sold groceries, there is a very likely chance that I would do all my shopping there. I love the little extra details that they add to each piece. This wine glass set is stunning – I love the gold rim and the honey hued color to the glass. Overall, it is a fun throw back to the sixties with a modern flair to the design. 

One Kings Lane Mildred Pillow, Citrine

This is another piece to definitely pulls inspiration from the sixties, while still adding a modern twist. I love the velvet touches, and the cream and gold combination really does make for a stunning piece

Mi Golondrina Fernanda Dos Noche 

I am such a fan of Mi Golondrina Dresses; the hand stitching is stunning and I love how they fit {runs true to size}

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette

I am so obsessed with Urban Decay eyeshadows. Their pallets are just so beautiful, and this particular one allows you to play around with hues of gray and yellow, and is very neutral overall

Schumacher Queen Of Spain Wallcovering

Why did wallpaper ever go out of style in the first place? I love how they can be used to create the feeling of having a bigger or smaller room, they make for a beautiful accent wall, and wallcoverings can really add an element of warmth and charm to a home

NAMJOSH Grey Embellished Headband

Another item I am so glad is back in style. This headband is so beautiful and extremely vestal  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Links I'm Loving

 I can’t believe it actually snowed a meaningful amount in Nashville. I literally feel like I have been living in a snow globe in the most magically way possible; I’m not ready for it to melt yet… The only negative side is that it has made for the most unproductive week, ever. Between the snow, the weather being so cold, and having a fire running all day long, all I have really wanted to do is sleep a little long and watch a really good movie at night. I have also had a little extra time to browse the Internet this week; so, here are a few links I am currently loving!

One// How To Help Those Affected By The Winter Storm In Texas

In my lifetime I don’t ever remember Texas getting hit by a snowstorm like it has. If you are wanting to help in any way this article offers some great suggestions. Also, be carful donating to effort relief fund online – unfortunately, there are a few people out there who like to take advantage of other’s got intentions. 


Two// Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Okay, I have been on the fence of whether or not to get a pair of Golden Goose Sneakers for a good two years. I like how they look on other people and I love how they pair with Mi Golondrina dresses, but I’m just not sure if they are for me. However, the Golden Goose Super Star Sneakers might push me over the edge. I love the silver glitter detailing, and overall they are a pretty fabulous pair of shoes!


Three// TicTok Feta Pasta

I have seen this pasta all over the Internet this past week and it looks so delicious and pretty healthy, as far as pasta dishes go. Will definitely be trying this recipe in the coming week!


Four// Sugar Rush, by Donna Kauffman

I just downloaded this book on Audible and I am already so in love with the storyline. So far it is just a light-hearted story and such a great escape from the news, covid, and just everyday life right now. 


Five// Roller Rabbit Hearts Polo Pajamas

I bought my first pair of Roller Rabbit PJs back in October and now I am completely obsessed with the entire company. Their pajamas have a silk like quality to them, and as an added bonus, they don’t seem to wrinkle! Love the blue heart design on this particular pair. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

My Current Favorite Interior Instagram Accounts

 Confession, I am slightly obsessed with interior design Instagram accounts. I just love seeing how others choose to design a room, the elements they mix together, and how they tie everything together. Personally, growing up in the South, I am in the camp that tends to gravitate more towards neutrals, blues, greens, yellows, and figuring out the appropriate amount of wallpaper, mirrors, and picture frames that can be used before you cross the delicate line of being a grandmillenial or a grandmother… 

That said, I still love seeing others play out their version, even if it is something completely different from what I would think to do. Like the above picture, if I lived in a New York {or in another large city} apartment I would be all about recreating this look, but probably wouldn’t try to recreate for a Southern home… I would have never thought to put all of these design elements together {especially the lacquer paint}, but they really create a stunning look. 


So for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share five of my current favorite Interior design Instagram accounts!

One// The Glam Pad

Honestly can’t believe I didn’t know about The Glam Pad till this year. The cover photo is from their account, and all of their other photos are equally amazing and they feature such stunning designs.

Two// Harbor Blue House

This is another account I can’t believe I don’t know about till just a few months ago. If you are a lover of blue and white, you absolutely have to follow Harbor Blue House. They always feature the most beautiful interior photos, and incase you are wondering, yes, all the photos featured have a blue and white color scheme.

Three// The Fox Group

This account is run by like the ultimate design team duo. Exterior, interior, architecture, design, everything they dream up is perfectly beautiful. 

Four// Rivers Spencer

My mom introduced me to this account a year or so ago, and she not only has great taste, but has the most entertaining Insta stories. Classic style, with an up to date twist.

Five// Kristy Woodson Harvey

I love Kristy Woodson Harvey on so many levels – as a person, a writer, and a decorator. She is honestly such a nice person and multi-talented, and her taste is seriously flawless. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Valentine's Rom-Com Movie Weekend

 I know normally a large percent of us have made reservations either with a few friends or significant others, but since this year is a little different from last I’d venture to say that most of us are staying in this year… Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, President’s Day is Monday, and it’s ridiculously cold outside, the combination makes for the perfect rom-com moviethon weekend! If only it would snow… that would really bring the whole weekend full circle! Since it’s Valentine/Galentine’s weekend I obviously had to do a roundup of some of my most favorite rom-coms!

You’ve Got Mail// I know, I know, I include this movie in basically every movie roundup that I do, but it is the ultimate feel good movie and my most favorite movie, ever. I was twelve the first time I saw this movie and I just completely fell in love with everything about this movie: the music, characters, storyline, etc. This is one of the few movies I can watch an endless amount of times and never grow tired of it.


Valentine’s Day // Considering that this weekend is Valentine’s, I obviously had to include the movie, Valentine’s Day, it the Valentine’s weekend movie roundup! I was in college the first time I saw this movie, and in full transparency, I really didn’t have high hopes for this movie… I mean, just the name alone made it sound corny but it is such a fun movie! 


Sleepless in Seattle// Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks just always seem to make for Rom-Com movie magic. I am always so surprised by the fact that they never dated just because they both seem to have a good amount of on screen movie chemistry. I love the sentimental touches in this movie and how it always seems to pull at the heartstrings. It’s the perfect movie for the hopeless romantic. 


Always Be My Maybe// Who else was such a Mariah Carey fan in the 90’s? I used to play the song 'Always Be My Baby" on repeat, I just loved her and thought she was the best singer. Last year when I saw Netflix titled a movie after one of her songs I was beyond excited for the release date and it did not disappoint. The perfect combination of comedy, romance, and nostalgia! You will not be disappointed in this one, especially if you are a child of the 90’s!


13 Going on 30// I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but if Jennifer Garner and I ever meet in person I feel like we would be the best of friends {she obviously has a really good publicist} – I just love her movies and Instagram account. 


Now, for 13 Going on 30… I feel like this movie s going to continue on for years to come. Even though it was made like eighteen years, I still feel like it is so relatable on so many levels and just has such a good, fun vibe about it. 


The Proposal// Sandra Bullock is like the ultimate girl next door; she would totally come over to gossip, watch movies, and enact revenge on ex-boyfriends. Her and Ryan Reynolds are just too perfect in this movie. And let’s not forget, Betty White plays the grandmother… do you honestly need more of a reason to watch this movie than that? 


Pretty Woman// Only in the 90s could a group of writers get together and make a love story out of Vivian and Edward {and this is why some of the best rom-coms come from the 90s}. Needless to say they come from two completely different worlds and manage to come together in the most romantic way. 


Something’s Gotta Give// One of my life goals is to one day be able to own a beach house like Nancy {Diane Keaton’s character} has in this movie; it is amazing! The first time I saw this movie I was in high school and very doubtful about a movie who’s two main character were somewhere around their fifties or sixties. However, Diane Keaton is just such a great actor and their were so many funny moments, you just can’t help but love this movie. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Galentine’s Gift Guide

 I love how over the past ten years or so Valentine’s Day has evolved into a holiday for pretty much anyone. I remember about 10 plus years ago people used to call it ‘national single awareness day’, which is obviously a pretty negative spin on the entire day. It has seemed to evolved into a holiday where friends, families, and significant others can celebrate each other. Plus, Valentine’s is a great excuse to treat yourself to a little something as well; after all, isn’t self-love and self-care the new trend these days… So whether of are looking to treat yourself, sister, mother, friends, etc. Here are a few of my favorites to help you celebrate Valentine’s or Galantine’s!

One// Mi Golondrina Soledad Rosas Rosa y Tomate

I am kind of addicted to Mi Golondrina – everything I have ordered from them are just a dream and the hand detailing is just amazingly impressive. The Soledad is my personal favorite Mi Golondrina dress style and this particular color combo makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or a friend! Runs true to size {is meant to fit a little big}


Two// Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Skincare Gift Set

I love Fresh products and their Rose line is my absolute favorite. I use all of these items included in this gift set on a regular basis; The Rose face Cream and Toner is a total game changer in the skin appearance department 


Three// Slip Silk Sleep Mask

If you haven’t bought a Slip pillowcase, definitely give one a try when you get a chance – you will never go back to a regular cotton/flannel/satin pillow ever again. The sleep Slip Sleep Mask is such a fun little extra touch to a nighttime routine


Four// Edie Parker Jean Solid Clutch

Is there every such a thing as too many totes, handbags, or clutches? I like to think the answer to that question is a firm ‘no’. This particular clutch is undoubtedly a major splurge, but it is so timeless and the color is just beautiful 


Five// Jenny Patinkin Heart Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

After using a quartz roller I have become such a fan of sculpting tools, and I just love how this one is in the shape of a heart!


Six// Vietria Hibiscus Glass Pink Bud Vase

If you ever find yourself what to gift someone, this vase is the ultimate can’t go wrong gift. It comes in so many different colors and is just such a beautiful design. And who doesn’t love a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers…


Seven// Tiffany Open Heart Pendant

This is without a doubt a gift for a special person or a very nice and well-deserved treat for your self. I still love silver pieces, but I have completely hopped on the gold jewelry train, and I love how this particular piece looks in gold – it just seems to pop a little more than the silver version 


Eight// Charlotte Tilbury Darling Easy Eye Palette

I was a little late joining the whole Charlotte Tilbury fandom, but now I am one of the loyal followers… Her eye shadow pallets are just beautiful and I love how it doesn’t seem to sprinkle off the makeup brush onto other parts of your face during the application process


Nine// Hazen & Co. Macie Bow

One reason I love social media is that you can come across so many great finds and companies that you otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard about. The design of the hair clip, and their other hair accessories are just so beautifully designed.


Ten// KJP Heart Embroidered Sweater

I am always excited to see what holiday themed sweater or dress KJP will come out with next, and I just love the small heart details of this sweater; it is just such a cute and fun piece


Eleven// Pomander Place Peach Fallon Dress

Love Pomander Place dresses! Their designs are just so flattering, items run true to size, and the pieces are just so easy to style. Runs true to size 

Twelve// Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

This is my current favorite fragrance, and has been for the past three years… I always get so many compliments whenever I wear this particular fragrance. It is a perfectly balanced floral fragrance 


Thirteen// Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats

How cute are these Tory Burch flats!?!?!? A heart pattern – could there be a more perfect flat for the month of February?


Fourteen// Le Lion Sweater 

I stumbled upon this company last month, and I haven’t ordered anything from them yet, so I can’t tell you how the sizing runs, but their designs are just so beautiful. I love the sleeve detail and the delicate touch that seems to be on every sweater.


Fifteen// Lake Pajamas Pima Short-Long Set in Heart

Who doesn’t love a pair of Lake Pajamas? They are so soft and their designs are so classic and pretty. Runs true to size

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Guest Post :: Gifts For Boyfriend in 2021

 Why do the men in our lives always seem to be the most challenging to gift? It doesn’t matter if it’s my dad, brother-in-law, guy friend, etc. holiday, birthdays and so on, I am always at a loss as to what to purchase. I feel like for women there are just so many gift options when it comes to women… clothes, makeup, beauty, spa day, etc. and then for the men it always seems like either shirt, electronics, or a book… weather you are looking for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift, Sam is guest posting on the blog today and sharing a few tips on how to gift shop for that significant other in your life!

What comes to your mind when you think for a gift for boyfriend. The first thing that you will notice is that you don’t have any new gifting ideas, do you? This is because we have been getting the same ideas over and over for boyfriend gifts. Now we need to explore and find out what all new products are available as a gift for boyfriend. 


You can explore what is there in the world for your boyfriend. All you need to do is serve as much as you can online, but what about if we save your time and energy and find lovely gifts for your boyfriend. Isn’t that great?


Narrow Down Gift Type 

Let’s make this process simple by defining the personality, traits, work, lifestyle of your boyfriend. First thing is to define the domain where you want to have a gift for your boyfriend for example whether you want to gift relates to his personality such as men’s accessories, are you want to gift as per his lifestyle such as any gym related product if he is a fitness freak. Let’s take one more example where you can gift him based on the way he is such as he talks a lot, he is sensitive, he is desperate J, or he is your best friend.


Now this will give you a clear picture to decide the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Next you may also need to figure out the occasion for which you want to gift him. This will help you narrow down your wish list for a gift. Once you have decided that, next you can easily search on Amazon or your other favourite website for gift. 


How To Search For Gifts For Boyfriend

Let’s see what is the best way to search for the perfect gift. We will search for the gift on The way to search for gift is, first you need to put in the type of gift you want as per the personality, traits, work or whatever, followed by “gifts” for “men” or “boy” or “boyfriend. So, the final outcome of the query in this case where we will find out a gift for a fitness freak man could be, “fitness gifts for men”, “fitness gifts for boy”, “fitness gifts for boyfriend”. 


Using this kind of search query will give you the result which will be more of products related to gym or fitness for men. If you put the search query in the other way around such as “birthday gifts for men gym”, and then you will get more gifts suggestions which are not related to fitness and gym because the initial query doesn’t start with gym. 


This way you can easily search for an ideal gift for your boyfriend and surprise him with the best suited gift for him. 


Author Bio (Link Text: Gifting ideas for men & women)Provides gifting ideas for everybody on every occasion, such as Gifts for men, women, dad, mother, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter, brother, sister and for locations such as birthday, anniversary, baby shower, housewarming & more. Do check out and bookmark for your gifting suggestion partner.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Bad Habits

 I love, love, love the anything and everything about the holiday season, however, there is one downside to that time of year… it is so easy to slip back in to old habits that aren’t necessarily that great for you. All of the holiday foods are so tempting, it’s so easy to rationalize indulging in your guilty pleasures, watch a little too much television, slip out of your exercise routine, and so on.  

For me personally, once I slip out of my normal routine and fall into a pattern of my old ‘bad habits’ it always seems to take a conscious effort to get back on the wagon… For February I plan to try and get back into my pre-holiday habits... So, to hold me accountable I thought I would share the habits I need to correct…

One// Go To Bed At A Reasonable Time

I can be somewhat of a night owl – going to bed at eleven or twelve is what I consider a reasonable bedtime for myself. I had a few things on my mind back in December and I feel like we live in a very anxiety inducing culture right now, and I would get caught up doing this and that and end up going to bed at 2am, which makes for such an unproductive day and just overall isn’t very healthy.


Two// Cut Back on Coke

For what ever reason Coca-Cola is comforting for me and it just goes really well with certain foods. I really try not to drink coke except for maybe once a week, becomes it becomes a slippery slop for me if I get in the habit of drinking it on a regular basis, and I honestly feel better when I don’t and I sleep better at night. 


Three// Eat Less Sweets

There are so many sweets and deserts associated with the holiday season, and I honestly think that sugar has addictive properties {not sure if that is true or not}. After awhile I feel like I start to crave chocolate and like sugar I don’t sleep as well when I eat sugar, so definitely cutting down on my sugar intake for the month of February.


Four// Workout on A Regular Basis

Every single Holiday season I always fall out of my workout routine. There are so many other things going on and my day always seems cut short, so my workout is usually one of the thing that gets cut. I actually really enjoy workout, but once you take on the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality, it becomes a hard cycle to break… There are so many other benefits to working out besides the obvious, and getting back on a regular workout schedule is at the top of my list!