Thursday, August 6, 2020

Healthy Habits

For the few weeks I have been trying to practice better lifestyle habits, after all, there’s no time like the present for a little self-improvement! 


The other day I wrote a post where I talked a little about having an unusually high level off stress towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year and the physical effects it had on me. Lesson learned: stress, lack of sleep, not exercising, and consuming way too much Coca-Cola and M&Ms is not good for the waistline… I kind of took last month off to kind of concentrate on myself and reorganize a few things. 


This is the first time in my life where I’ve had to actively try and lose weight. And I have to say it’s not as bad or as hard as I thought it would be. The most important thing I have found to be true is you have to be consistent. I read somewhere once that it takes two weeks to form a new habit. Now is the perfect time to form a new habit{s} since we all have a little extra time on our hands, so I thought I would share a few new healthy habits I’ve incorporated into my life and some of the exercise I’ve been doing. 

One// Cut Sugar

I feel like sugar in itself can be a bit addicting once you become accustomed to consuming a meaningful quantity. I have been able to completely stop drinking coke, and I am still working on the M&Ms, but I’m eating far fewer of them than I was. Since I have cut some sugar out of my diet I’ve noticed my complexion has improved and I sleep better at night, and lets not forget to mention that cutting sugar helps you to lose weight!


Two// Drink Water

I usually am a big water drinker, but I became accustomed to having other beverages in my diet the last half of last year and one thing I have noticed right off the bat is that as long as I drink enough water throughout the day I don’t snack as much. 


Three// Go to Bed at a Reasonable Time

Towards the end of last year and the start of this year I would have so much on my mind at night that I would just toss and turn to three or four in the morning thinking about different things and trying to figure some things out. Speaking from first hand experience, functioning on 2-4 hours of sleep on a regular basis is awful. For me, a lack of sleep made it so hard to properly process and communicate things, I would get overly emotionally, turned to Coca-Cola to give me a ‘pick-me-up”, and I just didn’t want to be social at all. Then once your body becomes accustom to going to sleep at a ridiculously late hour it is so hard to cycle back around to a normal bedtime. Since I’ve been getting the proper amount of sleep I function so much better, I’m happier, I like being social, and it makes it easier to make healthy habits


Four// Unplug Before Bed

If I look at my phone before I go to bed I feel really keyed up after awhile and it is so easy to waste 30 minutes or an hour just looking through emails, social media, etc. Instead I usually read a book right before as a way to unwind



Usually I would go to a gym and do the elliptical or some other cardio exercise, but with Covid going around at the moment I personally don’t feel comfortable working out at a gym at the moment. I have found that going on a hour – hour and a half walk/run does the trick, especially if you have hilly streets around you. I usually walk/run about 5 ½ miles every other day and I can tell such a difference


Six// Yoga

I think some people underestimate the power yoga can have on helping you to get in and stay in shape. Yoga is one of my favorite workouts; if you haven’t given it a go yet, then you definitely should! Here are a few yoga videos I have been using on YouTube

1.      75 minute Everyday Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class – I have been doing this one every  night right before I take my night time shower. It’s very doable and a relaxing way to end the night

2.    45 Minute Power Yoga Class – This one is a little shorter than the first one I listed, but more intense. I do this yoga video every other day and then go on a short 30 minute walk right after

3.    20 Minute Morning Yoga Class – When I have time in the morning I do this quick flow and it really is a great way to start off your morning


Seven// Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

I gained some noticeable weight {at least to me} in my thighs towards the end of last year and I’ve been doing this 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge and I love it. It is so easy to work into any part of your day and I love how it builds on itself and that exercises are added with each passing day. I am currently on Day 14 and it literally only takes 5 – 15 minutes to do depending on where you are in the challenge. 


What Are Some Healthy Habits You Practice? 

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