Friday, August 21, 2020

My Travel List

 Recently, I have had a few readers ask me if I have made a travel list. The idea hadn’t  occurred to me, but it is such a great way to just take a mental vacation until we can more widely travel again and look at a few beautiful places on the Internet. 


There are honestly a ridiculous amount of places I would absolutely love to visit, but haven’t had a big opportunity to do an extensive amount of travel thus far. I love to read and love history of any kind; needless to say, I always slightly geek out whenever I stumble upon a restaurant/store/house that was mentioned in a book or get to see a landmark where at one point in time an important piece of history was created. 


In my travel I have only included places that I haven’t visited, period. There are some places that I would love to revisit, such as Charleston, S.C., for the simple fact that I was too young to remember them when I visited the first time, and then there are places that I will just never be able to get enough of like Florida’s beautiful beaches and New York City. However, for now here is a list of places that I would 100% love to go to and 100% have not ever been before.



Anchorage, AK

My roommate from college is currently living in Alaska and the pictures she has sent are breathtaking. It would just be overwhelming to see the landscape in person


Aspen, CA

Have never skied before, but would love to give it a try, and if all else fails I hear Aspen is beautiful and has great shopping


Blackberry Farm// Walland, TN

Sometimes I’m like an old woman trapped in a younger person’s body. Like a decade one of the founders of Blackberry Farms gave a speech and cooking class at Williams-Sonoma and ever since I have wanted to visit Blackberry Farm. By the way, their cornbread mix and jams are amazing!



Bolt Farm Luxury Treehouse & Retreat// Walhalla, SC

I mean…what adult doesn’t want to spend the night in a luxury tree house? I know I do!


Boston, Massachusetts

There are some places I can only imagine visiting at certain seasons of the year and Boston is one of those places. All the old buildings and houses against a fall backdrop – could there be anything more perfect? Plus, I have always wanted to see the Charles!


Cape Cod, MA

I love a beach town and I have never been to one up North and would just love to go. The Lighthouses, clapboard houses, clam bakes, lobster rolls, and to top it is a Kennedy stomping ground


Jackson Hole, WY

Another ski town…again I would love to try skiing at least once. I have heard Jackson Hole is beautiful and I love the snow… so if all else fails and I’m a terrible skier I would be perfectly content just sitting by the fireplace, watching the snow fall outside, and drinking a hot chocolate 


Los Angels, CA

I have honestly heard mixed review when it comes to Los Angles, but I just feel like LA and Beverly Hills are two places you have to see


Nantucket, MA

I have never been to Nantucket and have been absolutely obsessing over the thought of going lately. Hydrangea grow everywhere in Nantucket, all of the houses look so picturesque, and I can just so see myself biking into town. I feel like it’s a place that has my name written all over it


Palm Beach, FL

The Breakers and Lilly Pulitzer…need I say more?


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is such a bucket list item of mine. It is just such an iconic city with so many beautiful landmarks and landscapes 


Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA just seems like a southern must-see to; I’m almost ashamed to admit that I haven’t been there…


Vermont is definitely a late fall destination in my mind. The 80’s movie, Baby Boomer is one of my favorites and Vermont just looks so beautiful in that movie, it is definitely a town I would like to see for myself


Banff// Alberta, Canada

Every single picture of Banff I have seen is just stunning. Again, being a southerner, I am in love with the snow, so Banff for me would definitely be a winter destination 


Quebec City, Canada

I would love to visit Quebec at Christmas. A few years I came across a series of photos on Pinterest that featured Quebec during the Holiday season and every photo looked like a scene from a storybook. Ever since I have been obsessed with going to Quebec during the holiday season



On to the European dentations! In every picture I have seen of Ireland the setting just looks so lush and green, and lets not forget to mention the amount of history that rest in this country


Vienna, Austria

The college I went offered Vienna as a study abroad dentation and I slightly regret not taking the opportunity to do a study abroad program while I was in college. But the pictures I have seen of Vienna are just breath taking. And I have to admit this is a destination I would want to visit at Christmas – their holiday photos are just fantastic 


Paris, France

Who hasn’t pictured themselves in Paris walking along the Seine, and sipping on coffee at a local cafĂ©. Honestly, if I could speak French, every life crisis I ever had I would cure by getting on plane to Paris. Art, romance, food, beautiful sights – what life crisis could Paris not make better? 


Nice, France

France + a water view? Yes, please!


Monaco, France

I am such a Grace Kelly fan and would just love to visit Monaco for that reason alone


Provence, France

French Country Side…could there be anything else more beautiful 


London, England

I feel like London would be a city that would be appreciated at any point during the year. It is just so full of history and tradition. It seems like a place you would have to go to more than once to truly take in just the things that would be classified as ‘important’ sights to see


Florence, Italy

Italy has always been at the top of my list of places to visit and I have heard that Florence is just a city that is beyond beautiful


Rome, Italy

Rome during the holiday season would just be a dream, not to mention all the history that is packed into this city, and the food, and the wine


Venice. Italy

I know this is probably as touristy as you can get when it comes to Italy, but I mean… a city one the water, does it get any better than that?


The Amalfi Coast// Amalfi, Italy

I would love to see the Amalfi Coast around the spring/summer time and take a boat just far enough out to properly appreciated all the pastel colored buildings



One side of my family is actually from Scotland so I would love to see it just for my family tie to the location

The Swiss Alps

I feel like this sight alone is a must see


Salzburg, Austria

Again, the surroundings and the history Austria holds is so appealing to me 



To wake up to a view of crystal blue water and a mountatin side of white buildings has to be like waking up in a dream


Nairobi, Kenya, Africa 

To be perfectly honestly, the amount of time you’d have to spend on a plane to get to Africa ever so slightly freaks me out a little… And also to be perfectly honest, I know a lot of people go over there for the sights, or because Hemingway spent time there, or for big game, but I honestly just want to eat at Giraffe Manor and see an elephant and giraffe in their natural surroundings 

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