Friday, April 10, 2020

Links I'm Loving

I hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe and are slowly starting to settle into a new routine. It’s easy to lose track of the days and get caught up in the negativity of the situation, but there are always a few bright spots on the horizon. It is a great time to spend catching up on sleep, doing a few home improvement projects, work on a little self-improvement, and enjoy those who you are currently surrounded you. 

I cannot believe it is Easter weekend. 2020 has definitely had a lot of ups and downs so far. The holiday obviously looks a little different this year, but I love how people are circling around to help maintain the importance of Easter. Despite the fact that we are going through a little bit of a strange time right now, I hope everyone is able to celebrate Easter in a joyful way!

I obviously had to use the below picture in honor of Nation Siblings Day!
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I am kind of obsessed with Gourmet Makes. This week they made Cadbury Eggs and it so took me back to the 90’s. It also made me wonder why I never thought it was weird that the rabbit was the one laying the egg when I was little…

Beauty and the Beast was by far one of my favorite Disney movies when I was younger; I used to even wear a blue dress and an apron and walk around the house with a book singing all the songs from the movie {annoying, I know}. But to the point… is it just me or can anyone else all of the sudden relate to the lyrics in this song on an odd level?

Aside from the occasional gift with purchase promotion and the Lily after party sale it is basically unheard of for Lily Pulitzer to have a sale, especially one that is sitewide

In the 90’s you basically didn’t have a proper childhood unless you tie-dyed your own t-shirt, thought it was completely awesome, and to your parents embarrassment, wore it with extreme proudness every single chance you got. If you are looking for a fun DIY this is such a great how-to!

Did anyone else completely refuse to eat carrot cake of any sort when they were a child? Now that I’m older, I absolutely love carrot cake {and every other cake}. Every single Southern Living Recipe is pretty guaranteed to be delicious, and it is such the perfect weekend to give these a try!

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