Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Guest Post :: Destinations You Should Visit When We Start To Travel Again

It is always nice to have something to look forward to, especially during the current conditions we are operating within for the time being. It’s probably safe to say that a decent amount of people have had to cancel their upcoming travel plans, which I know is disappointing, but there is always the future to look forward and a new adventure ahead. You have to remind yourself that this situation isn’t forever, and yes, we will be able to travel again {hopefully soon}. In the meantime it never hurts to start looking ahead and picking out a few places for you next trip! Plus, planning a trip is a great mental escape. Today Stella Ryne will be guest posting on the blog and sharing a few top destinations to visit when we can all start to travel again!
As this COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread it’s most likely your travel plans and plans of many other people who intended to explore different countries will have to be delayed. If you’ve already made plans and booked a plane ticket for your long-awaited destination, you’re probably devastated now and feeling sad that your plans have gone to waste. But don’t worry because most airline companies are aware of the whole situation and understand it, meaning it’s likely you can claim compensation or a refund.
Remember that this is only temporary and once this whole situation is over you'll be able to start travelling again. If you're not sure which places to visit once you start traveling again, here's a shortlist of some suggestions where to go to celebrate life once you get permission to leave your house and your country.

Sri Lanka

Photo by sasha set on Unsplash
Visiting the island of Sri Lanka is an experience itself. This ancient island is not only beautiful but also rich in culture and history. Sri Lanka is a destination you most definitely will enjoy visiting. This island is an epicentre of history, beautiful nature and wildlife, palaces and temples that have stories, and other ruins and relics. You can enjoy this island's cultural triangle and get a tour to learn more of it, or you can spend your time on beautiful beaches surfing and enjoying the waves, or you can do both. 
One of the most visited places and things you won’t be glad to miss is the rock fortress known as Sigiriya. Some people refer to this fortress as the eighth wonder of the world, but we’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself. If you’re brave enough make sure you use an opportunity to dive with blue whales or dolphins in Kalpitiya, a province which is known for its natural environment. 


Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash
One of the places you should visit is the land Down Under. This continent is one of the most remote continents and countries in the world, but this doesn’t stop people from visiting it and enjoying their time there. Australia is one of the most popular places for travellers and there are lots of solid reasons for that. If you’re planning to visit this lovely continent for the first time, make sure you start with exploring the capital – Sydney. 
The city is well known for its harbour and opera house, but there are other exciting things waiting for you too, such as wonderful parks, tasty food, delicious wine and surfing of course. Sydney is a place to be and a place to relax. If you’re not a fan of big cities and crowded places, make sure you find yourself a place somewhere outside the city which is not that far away from it, too. There are many different types of  accommodation you can rent, some of which are located in winemaking regions, like Unwind Hunter Valley where you can relax, drink wine and enjoy your holiday in the best possible way. When you’re done with exploring the capital, make sure you visit some other places that are worth your time. One of which is certainly Uluru – a huge round rock that will, believe it or now, take your breath away. This monumental rock has a lot of stories to tell and if you’d like to make this experience even more memorable make sure you visit it during the sunrise or the sunset. 


Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash
Italy should be at the top of a priority list of all the travellers who would like to explore Europe. This country is like a fairytale where you can easily get lost in the most delicious Mediterranean food and recipes, some of the best wine in the world and not to mention all the beautiful and friendly locals that you’ll get a chance to meet.  The most challenging part of visiting Italy would probably be making up your mind where to go first and from which region and town to start exploring. 
If you haven't been to Italy before, you might want to visit Rome first. This city is known as 'the capital of the world' since the Romans enriched and shaped Europe culturally like no other civilization before. Since the whole country is like a fairytale, Rome can be considered as an open-air museum where you can see the Colosseum or almost always crowded the Spanish steps. Rome is a perfect destination for all the lovers out there, so if you're one of the lucky ones get yourself and your partner a ticket and enjoy your romantic getaway to Rome and Italy.


Another island you should have in your mind if you're planning a trip to Japan. This country is all you need, from tranquil forests and futuristic skyscrapers to peaceful temples - this is a place to be. Even though the Olympics have been cancelled due to the pandemic and will take place in July the following year, there are still lots of things to be seen and experienced in this country. 
The food in Japan is incredible, the public transport system is very efficient and people are way too polite. This sounds like a perfect combination, but where should you start with exploring this island? You can start with popular cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto and then move to more rural and quieter places where you can escape from crowded places and take a break at the different side of this country. Kyoto is considered to be the heart of traditional Japan, while Tokyo is an ultramodern part of Japan. 
In Kyoto, you might come upon geisha in colourful kimonos, tea ceremonies, forests of bamboo and temples in gold and silver. Since this city is one of the top tourist spots in Japan, try to get up earlier in the morning to make sure you visit all the popular temples because they can get crowded at some point. 
As for Tokyo, in this city, you can find lots of activities including tons of cat cafes, robots, maids, cosplay and other stuff. While you’re in this city make sure you eat in a tiny restaurant on Memory Lane and visit colourful digital art museums. 


Austria is a country known for its wonderful and iconic architecture, Alpine surroundings where you can go skiing. This country is a perfect destination to visit if you're in need of a new adventure. Vienna is the capital of this lovely country and this city is known as a cultural heaven for fine art, music and architecture lovers. In this city, you can find lots of examples of Baroque, Romanesque, Art Nouveau and Classicist styles, structures and buildings. 
For all the lovers of classical music, this is the place to be, since Vienna has a lot of classical music concerts that honour well-known composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and others. This city is also well known for organizing and hosting more than 200 balls a year while the most popular balls start around New Year's Eve and usually last till the end of February. So, if you're a fan of balls and dancing make sure you visit this city during that period. Apart from Vienna, another place that you should visit is a picture-perfect town called Hallstatt.
This Austria village is like a fairytale covered with pastel-coloured houses and mesmerizing views. This place is so small that you can walk from one end to the other in twenty minutes. Hallstatt used to be a quiet place, but during the last couple of years, it has become very popular among tourists. If you’re planning to visit this place try going during the winter months (December-February) since this village is particularly gorgeous when covered in snow. 


People enjoy travelling and having an opportunity to explore different cultures and countries. Many people tend to make plans and organize their trips in advance, to make sure they have everything covered. Unfortunately, no-one could guess that this world epidemic could happen and that it will affect every country on the planet. For many people, this all has ruined their plans for travelling, but once this is over you'll be able to travel again and enjoy your life. Till then stay safe at your homes and make plans which destinations to visit next year.

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