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Guest Post :: How To Host An Elegant Rustic Wedding

It is seriously amazing how many options there are out there for a wedding as far as venues and themes go. Where I live, in Nashville, TN., rustic weddings have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Today Harriet Thame, from Crockwell Farm, is guest posting on the blog today and is sharing a few tips on how to host an elegant rustic wedding!
Many couples relish the idea of getting married on a charming farm or inside an elegantly decorated barn. However, are you aware that rustic elements can turn into refined aesthetics if you apply the right touch?

Yes, you can have a sophisticated wedding using the rustic decor inside the venue. All you need is some sound advice from farm wedding planning experts. Here are some of their tips that you can use.   


What will you wear?

1.      Classic farm or barn attire

With this theme, the bride and groom can walk to the altar incorporating a few items of, or all, traditional wear. The wedding guests can also opt to wear smart-casual or formal attire. The choice is yours.

2.    Rustic attire

The rustic style is inspired by simple elegance. You can incorporate a rustic theme into your wedding attire by making use of metal or timber elements. To further enhance the rustic ambience, use unsophisticated flowers or bouquets to decorate the venue.

A relaxed and laidback wedding ceremony and reception are enough to create a rustic feel. 

3.    Vintage attire

If you’re fond of the roaring 20s, or even the 40s, why not wear the clothes of those bygone eras and relive those memories? To complete the wardrobe, the bridal party can have their hair and make-up done to reflect those glorious years. You can also decorate the venue with the appropriate designs. 

A cocktail wedding rather than a formal sit-down dinner is more appropriate for a vintage wedding. Imagine having a cocktail party to the sounds of the 20s – jazz music. You can even include other vintage themes such as photo booths or wedding cars.   

A vintage nuptial is often a formal occasion. However, the bridal party and guests don’t have to opt for traditional formality.

4.    Garden or outdoor attire

Outside ceremonies are perfect for couples who want to create a relaxed mood. As a result, the dress code can range from formal to smart-casual.

After the ceremony, you can continue the festivities by creating a festival-inspired theme. You can add food trucks and parlour games to entertain your guests.  

5.    Fantasy attire

Farms can also be a suitable wedding venue for couples who like to add some fantasy to their nuptials. Steampunk or sci-fi outfits will look great behind glorious backdrops of farm fields and foliage. 

You can also have the bridal party wearing traditional formal garments and choose between a sit-down dinner and a cocktail wedding.  


Prepare the venue for the ceremony and reception

If you want to have the ceremony and reception inside a barn, then you’ll need to decorate it accordingly. First, most barns have the existing architecture for an elegant wedding. Therefore, to create a balance between country and style, start with the drapes. Consider decorating the interior with delicate hanging curtains and other drapery.       

For the lighting, chandeliers can elevate the barn into a sophisticated reception venue. You can enhance the romance in the air by using suitable greenery to decorate the chandeliers and other lighting. 

If you’re not sure about having your reception in the barn, consider having it outside. You and your guests can eat and dance under the sun, moon and stars without any space constrictions.

Since you’re out in the open, consider having the cocktails during the golden hour. This is the time when the sun begins to set on the horizon. 


Present the food in style

Aside from choosing flowers, you can elevate the table’s centrepiece a step further. Why not add some farm-to-table organic elements, such as a bowl of:

·      Figs. 
·      Plums.
·      Artichokes.
·      Pomegranates

You can adorn the table with classic farm implements, such as antique glassware, wooden spoons and some garden florals. A minimalist approach or ‘less is more’ attitude can enhance your table design. It creates a feeling of a farm wedding set in a modern age.

Since the venue is a farm, why not consider obtaining the food from local producers? You can build your menus around those fruits and vegetables in season. However, your food likes and dislikes will determine the final menu.

Cocktails often mean serving alcoholic drinks. However, you can present your guests with non-alcoholic alternatives. For example, you can serve mocktails. One recipe includes infusing your favourite syrup with fresh rosemary or thyme. Add fresh sprigs of the herbs as pretty garnishes.

To complete the elegant setting of your wedding, consider adding:

1.      Escort cards

You can create a unique twist by using seed packets for these. They are an excellent theme for a farm wedding. 

2.    Vintage items

Antique objects can provide your wedding with a touch of class. Consider creating elegant signage using vintage mirrors or perfume trays. You can also add a personal atmosphere by incorporating some metallic elements in the welcome signs or menu displays.

3.    Incorporate seasonal and traditional elements

Each season has its own features that you can incorporate in your wedding. For example, if you have an autumn wedding, consider including a color mix of fig, marsala and plum. These colors will also look good with classic wedding neutral shades. This combination will make your autumn wedding design look timeless. 

You can also consider incorporating traditional farm implements and items, such as wooden boxes or bales of hay. You can have your photos taken in a corner behind farming items, such as fruit, lush plants, and suitable rustic decor.

4.    Custom signage

Signage is now standard for weddings even in farm venues. Consider creating some modern touches by incorporating foliage and flowers. Contemporary signs look good at farm nuptials 
5.    Grand entrance

The entrance to your barn wedding ceremony is an excellent start to showcase your wedding style and choice. You can highlight the rustic and elegant display by making use of tall flower arrangements and stunning drapes to make your entrance stand out.    


Farm weddings have become popular because they offer more options than other venues. You can have both the ceremony and reception amidst picturesque surroundings. Despite the rustic theme, couples can also turn their wedding into an elegantly stylish affair. From the clothing to the menu, you can incorporate various features that are unique to farms or barns.   

Author’s bio:
Written by Harriet Thame, marketing head at Crockwell Farm.

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