Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Current Daily Routine

For me personally it has been a challenge for to settle into a new daily routine just because everything seemed to change overnight, literally. I’m usually pretty good at taking things in stride and adjusting to things, but it usually takes me about two weeks to settle into anything new. 

I am still slightly in disbelief over how much the entire world has been affected. It really does make you appreciate the small things in life, like going out for a glass of wine with a friend, going for walk without having to consciously make sure you are ‘social distancing’, being able to actually sit down at a restaurant, or the smell of the mall… 

It is possible to find a few bright spots in almost every situation so for now I am enjoying getting to sleep in a little later than I normally would, spend a little extra time with family, and reach out to friends {via phone/email} that I haven’t talked to in awhile, and just being able to take a little extra time to take care of myself. 

I will definitely welcome the moment with open arms when we return to a state that somewhat resembles normalcy, but for now here is the schedule I have settled into 
Good Morning// I usually wakeup around 6:30ish on a normal weekday, but my new wakeup time seems to fall between 8:30 and 9:00 {not having to set an alarm clock makes a difference…}

Workout// Normally when I workout I either go to a yoga class or go to a gym to use an elliptical. Since that isn’t the best option right now I have started using this yoga youtube channel and I usually end with a few lunges 

Breakfast// Since I haven’t been as active as a usually am, I’m obviously not as hungry so I usually just settle for a yogurt and some fruit 

Shower// For me personally, I just have to have a shower, get dressed, brush my hair, and put on some makeup, even if I’m not going anywhere. It just makes me feel better and I find that it helps me to be more productive 

Blog// Usually by this time it is going on 12 o’clock and I usually spend a few hours catching up on emails and working on this and that

Lunch// On a normal weekday I’m not a big lunch person… like I said a little earlier on, I haven’t had my normal appetite just because my activity level is lower, but I might take a break and have a small sandwich for lunch

Blog Some More// resume blog work after lunch


Unwind// after dinner I usually try to find something light to watch on TV just to get my mind on something else {I have the news playing in the background throughout the day K probably a little bit of an overload…}

Time for Bed// You can check out my nighttime routine here!


  1. I'm sure this is a routine for many of us at the moment! I would recommend getting some fitness DVDs to keep you fit! I turn around my entire body with T25 and Insanity workouts and I did these living in a studio flat.
    stay safe beautiful xx

    Elegant Duchess xx
    Stay safe, stay grateful, stay positive.

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