Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Favorite YouTube Fitness Channels

It is amazing how all of the sudden you realize all the things you used to take for granted. There were so many days when I would have to talk myself into going to the gym and afterwards I would always be so happy that I would. I am so looking forward to the days when I can have the option of going to the gym, but for now, finding a good workout video on YouTube is not only surprisingly easy, but also a lot of fun. 

Another thing about this situation that is surprising is the ability to adapt to a situation when you have no other choice. If you’re looking for a great at home workout, be sure to check out a few of these YouTube channels!
They not only make great workout clothes you want to wear 24/7, but I love their yoga videos. They have different levels of difficulty and class lengths, and let’s not forget to mention all their videos I have tried so far seem to have a great flow

Popsugar has a great selection of workout videos. My personal favorites are the dance ones… for some reason they remind me of 80’s workout videos and they are just so fun and a great way to get your heart rate up

In times like these there is never such a thing as too much yoga. Breath in and out, after all, we have to get through this while remaining sane. Yoga with Adriene is another great yoga channel and I always love it when her dog makes an appearance 

For all you Barre workout fans this channel has an endless amount of videos that will help you stay in shape and work on your form!

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