Wednesday, February 26, 2020

5 Things To Do Before Bed That Make A Difference

One big thing I want to concentrate on this year is just being healthier all around: working out, eating better, and making sure I get the right amount of sleep. It truly is amazing the difference a good night’s rest can make and how it can affect you, both mentally and physically the next day. Here are 5 things that I have started doing before bed that I have found really make a difference!
Drink Water// Maybe it’s in my head, but I’ve noticed if I drink 16oz - 1 liter of water an hour or two before I go to bed my face look more refreshed in the morning and my skin just look all around healthier. 

Establish a nighttime beauty routine// Confession: I am kind of obsessed with beauty products, day or night. For me personally, I find it so relaxing after my shower to but on night cream, use a facial roller, and a few times a week either do an eye mask or a face mask. I think just having a nighttime beauty routine helps me relax before bed and get my mind on other things.

 Write it down// I’ve started keeping a journal for moments like these… if I had a day where I either accomplished something I was really proud of or had something happen/said to me that rubbed me wrong I have started to write it down. Before I started doing this I would toss and turn for a couple hours till I reached the level of exhaustion where I could no longer keep my eyes open… Writing things down and just getting it out helps so much, which leads to a more productive nights rest. 

Read// Every now and then I will give in and watch Netflix before I go to bed, but if I do I always make a point to either watch a history related show or a show that I have already seen {aka a show/movie that’s easy to turn off}. However, for the most part I try to read a chapter or two of a book right before I go to bed and just having that little time disconnect for my computer and phone makes a huge difference. I am able to fall asleep so much faster and have a deeper sleep than I would other wise.

Get 8 hours// This is probably an obvious one, but it’s easy to over look and stay up a little later to complete one more task, read the last few pages of a book, answer one more email, etc. Whenever I get stressed I do not get the amount of sleep I need and I end up staying up and just doing different things to stay busy, and I can tell you from experience the amount of sleep you get affects your productive the next day, your temperament, and how you interact with people and different situations. So be sure to get those eight hours in!

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