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My Top 15 Valentine's Day Movies

I love the holiday seasons, and I know that we still have Easter to look forward to, but I have always considered Halloween and Valentines the two bookends of the holiday season. I have to say I kind of love the fact that the whirlwind of holidays comes to a end with a holiday who’s colors are red and pink and completely love the fact that it’s a day that is centered on love. 

When you don’t have plans to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day the next best thing {and in some cases, preferred choice} is to get take out, watch a few good Rom-Coms, and maybe have a glass of wine as well. This year is the first year in forever that I have not had a Valentine’s date, which is slightly weird, {I recently broke off an engagement} but there is definitely a part of me that is looking forward to staying in and watching a few feel good movies. And as Kathleen Kelly, from one of my favorite movies, ‘You’ve Got Mail’, once said, “There is the dream of someone else.” For now here is a roundup of all my favorite Rom-Coms to watch this Valentines! {click on the movie’s title to watch the trailer}
You’ve Got Mail// Obviously have to start with this movie, since I just used a quote from it, and it really is my most favorite movie of all time! I saw this movie for the first time when I was 12 years old and I just fell in love with everything about it: the characters, the music, the story line, everything was just so perfectly done and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks just make up the best Rom-Com couple in the history of Rom-Coms. It was the first movie that I ever cried in and till this day I can still watch it over and over again and just never get tired of it. If you haven’t seen this movie, you most definitely should check it out.

The Age of Adaline// Not sure if this one officially qualifies as a rom-com or not, but I absolutely love this movie and it is an undeniably epic love story. Not to mention Blake Lively’s hair styles and clothes are just so on point in this movie. 

Something’s Gotta Give// My life goal is to one day own a beach house that Nancy {Diane Keaton’s character} has in this movie; it’s seriously stunning. I have to admit that the first time I saw this movie I was in high school and super skeptical about a movie who’s story line revolved around two characters who were at least in their 50s, but there are just so many funny moments and Diane Keaton is just such a great actor and it just truly is such a fun film to watch. 

Sleepless in Seattle// Did I or did I not just say that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are the best rom-com couple in the history of rom-coms?  This is such a movie for the hopeless romantics {hi there} and I always just get so wrapped up in the sentimental touches. Just everything about this movie pulls at your heartstrings. 

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days// I used to watch this movie on repeat when I was a teenager. What better way to start off a romance than with a bet and the battle of the wills.

When Harry Met Sally// I think at this point we can just go ahead and crown Meg Ryan as Queen of Rom-Coms, not to mention she always had the best hairstyles – she can seriously pull off anything. It’s probably not everyone’s taste, but I always thought it was so sweet how at different points during the movie there were couples telling their story of how they met their significant other.

Groundhog Day// Believe it or not, til last weekend I had never seen this movie. For some reason I always thought that it was heavily tied to a golf theme… I was way off base. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the actual story revolved around a weathermen {Phil}, an actual groundhog day, a time loop, and Phil’s growing romantic interest with a co-worker, Rita. When Phil and Rita were dancing to the song, You Don’t Me {one of my favorite songs} on a snowy night, that was it for me, I completely got sucked into the movie, that one scene was just everything. 

Kate and Leopold// I know…I know…another Meg Ryan movie, but she is just always so great in rom-coms. When this movie came I honestly don’t think it got enough credit. I just love how the two character’s relationship develops over the course of the movie. 

Notting Hill// You know a movie is great when you can say just one line from it and everyone knows what you are referring to… “After all…I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” I always hold my breath whenever I hear Anna Scott say that line, you just want her to have a happy ending so badly. {Spoiler alert, she gets her happy ending!}

It’s Complicated// Meryl Streep is another one of my favorite actors, she just seems like she would be such an interesting person in real life and definitely someone with a lot of resilience. The family dynamic and the different love story and relationship developments that take place over the course of the movie are just so interesting and in some cases a little heart breaking.

While You Were Sleeping// For some reason I always consider this movie to be a Christmas movie…but I obviously love it as an everyday rom-com. I’m sure we have all been there before, at some point in our life we have come across someone that we know nothing about, other than the fact they are attractive and dream up some ridiculous story about them and a fictions romance. In the case of Lucy though she rescues her crush, his family then falls under the impression they are engaged, fall in love with her, all while her crush is in a comma and a love story slowly starts to unfold between her and the brother. 

Breakfast At Tiffany’s// Obviously I had to work at least one movie from the 1960s onto this list and there any other movie out there more iconic than Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

The Holiday// Okay, this is another movie that is probably more along the line of a Christmas movie, but it just has such a great story line, scenery, music, and cast that I had to include it. 

13 Going on 30// If Jennifer Garner and I ever meet in real life I feel like we would be BFFs in like the first five minutes. I just love her Instagram and pretend cooking shows. This is just such a feel good movie, not to mention that there is a whole dance scene to Michael Jackson’s song, Thriller.

Sabrina// I know Audrey Hepburn was the original Sabrina, but for some reason I just really love the 1995 version. There was just something so sweet, romantic, and sophistic in how Julia Ormond portrayed Sabrina and Harrison Ford’s Linus was just the perfect balance to her Sabrina. 

What Are Your Favorite Rom-Coms?

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