Thursday, February 20, 2020

Gourmet Makes

Don’t ask me why, but I automatically get super sucked into any cooking or baking show that happens to be on TV. There is just something oddly relaxing about watching things come together and other people cooking. 
A few years ago Bon App├ętit popped up in my YouTube suggestions {worst combination ever: YouTube + Cooking Show = Black Hole} needless to say I was an instant fan. I especially love Gourmet Makes; the whole premise of the show is that Claire Saffitz tries to recreate a food item like Oreos, Pop-Tarts, Twinkies, and so on. All the videos are so fun to watch and some of them give you total childhood nostalgia when you see foods pop up like Hot Pockets or Warheads. And sorry to say this Clair, but the videos where she struggles a little are so fun to watch just because everyone in the test kitchen gets super involved and seeing her finally reach the end result is all that more exciting. 

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