Sunday, October 20, 2019

It's Begging To Look A Lot Like Fall

It seem like this was the year where summer was going to last forever… I mean honestly, it was 90 last week, when should it ever be 90 degrees the first week of October!? This fall weather has actually graced us with its presence! There’s a crisp autumn breeze in the air, the leaves are crunching under foot, and most importantly, it actually feels like fall!
I have been wanting to wear sweaters, boots, and leggings since like the last week of August and it is finally here, thank goodness! One thing I have been lusting after for years, and they are definitely a splurge but would be an investment are a pair of stuart Weitzman over the knee boot {fyi you can find them here!}. Everyone I know who owns a pair are absolutely in love with them, plus, rumor has it that they keep you extra warm on those cold days!

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