Tuesday, October 22, 2019

10 Dresses To Avoid For Your Prom Night

It seems that every year, there are stories of students being refused entry to their senior prom night because their outfit contravenes the school dress guidelines issued beforehand. If you want to ensure that you can get into your prom in your senior year, there are some style of dresses that are not suitable and should best be avoided, just in case you are refused admission. 

Below is some advice that you can follow to ensure that your chosen outfit is in line with the policy of your school, making sure that you can enjoy your senior prom without a hitch.
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Backless Dresses
Another style of dress that is often frowned upon at prom night is a dress that has no back. Although these often look sleek and elegant, they are considered too formal for a school prom, so many schools will ban these outright. If your heart is set on a gorgeous backless prom dress that you have seen, make sure that it is acceptable for your school first, before you part with your cash. 

Too Much Cleavage
One thing that is common for most schools to enforce is showing off too much cleavage, so low cut tops are a no go. No matter how big or small your assets are, if you show off too much cleavage at your senior prom, you will most likely be refused entry, leaving you disappointed. Make sure that you select a dress that the neckline is not too low, and you will be able to get into your prom and have fun with your friends and classmates. For the larger girls, there is plenty of choice of gorgeous plus size prom dresses at Peaches Boutique that will look fabulous without having to show off too much flesh. 

High-Split Dresses
If the dress that you choose has a high split in the leg, then this is also something else that may mean you do not gain access to your senior prom. There have been many occasions where students are refused entry as their dress has a split up the leg, which goes as high as the thigh. Some schools have banned split dress altogether, while others allow them depending on the height of the split.
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The Dress Code Of Your School
The school-issued dress code is essential to follow if you want to ensure that you get to enjoy prom night with your classmates. Each school has different rules, but the dress codes themselves are similar. It is best to ask your school directly on the dress code for senior prom and ensure that the outfit that you choose does not break any of the rules, and if it is borderline, it may be best to avoid so that you are not disappointed when you get refused admission. 

Familiarise yourself with the dress code of your school before you go shopping, and you can ensure that your outfit poses no problems at all when it comes to getting into your prom. 

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