Thursday, July 5, 2018

Guest Post :: What Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans Say About You

Have you ever wondered what your favorite pair of jeans say about you? My personal favorites are these; a classic skinny/legging fit, plenty of spandex, and a good fit around the ankles so can be worn with boots, ballet flats, or loafers. I always thought of that type of jean as being classic and timeless, but after reading Peter’s guest post, they really are a bit practical {and comfortable!}. Today Peter is sharing with us the five most popular jean fits and what they say about you!
No, this is not a BuzzFeed quiz; believe it or not, but our appearances and how we’re put together speaks about our personality, occupation, interests, likes, dislikes louder than a thousand words. They don’t say that a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing. Yes, yes, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we live in a world in which our clothes, makeup and hairstyle choices tell a highly encompassing story of who we are. Today, we’ve chosen to focus on one iconic clothing garment – the mighty jeans that have been here for over a century and whose popularity has never waned. Given such a long and proud history, this particular garment deserves special attention. We are now graced with such variety when it comes to jeans that our choices inevitably paint a picture of our personality, so stay tuned, look through your closet, find that pair that is most precious to you and find out what secrets it reveals.

A Free Spirit
If you close your eyes and the first pair of jeans that pop into your mind are flare jeans, there is a pretty solid chance you are an old soul. You were born in the wrong decade and should be letting your hair down, going to protests, fighting against injustice and being there to see some of the most iconic musicians on stage instead of listening to their records decades later. You probably own a vintage (or new) turntable and believe that music is best when it’s on vinyl. Perhaps you’re not a hippie as those days are long gone, but through your choice of jeans, you make sure that your preferences are clear and that you pay homage to what you think was the best darn decade ever. In addition to that, you probably have curves to flaunt and know that flare jeans balance out your hips perfectly, so there’s that too.
The Practical Gal

When it comes to scouting for that perfect pair of women’s jeans, you go straight to the skinny jeans section. What does this say about you? First and foremost, you are a practical person who values that perfect amalgamation of comfort and stylishness, and these jeans fit the bill as they can handle anything you throw at them – work, fun, errands – all of it. They are precise and follow the curves of your body just right and that’s who you are – a person who knows exactly what she wants and settles for nothing less. You are someone who’s always on the go, always chasing a goal, getting things done and loving life. You’re easy-going but also a goal-getter and these jeans are able to keep up with your pace.

Creature of Comfort
As long as there are women out there who are super-chic but at the same time just a little lazy and low-key, the popularity of the boyfriend jeans will never subside. When you slip into your loose and ‘plenty of movement’ slouchy pair, you feel at ease because you value comfort and no-frill lifestyle more than everything. You don’t care for drama or things that make you work harder than they ought to. You also don’t like feeling constricted – both physically and emotionally. You dance to the beat of your own drum and have an adventurous side to you and no piece of fabric or a person can hold you down. 
Count Those Rips

Deep inside what looks like a trendy and slightly rebellious woman hides a sensitive creature who probably cares more than she should. Those threads that seem to be holding everything tightly are in fact quite delicate and that’s just who you are – an incredibly strong girl who is deep down as delicate as those threads. You don’t let yourself fall apart easily, and when you do, you make sure to do it away from anyone’s sight, so you can equally quickly dust it off and pick yourself up with no one being the wiser.

Let’s Fix This
A woman who wears super-high-rise jeans can conquer the world. You are not the person who cried and dwells on problems and you’re not the one people come to when they just want to whine. No, you are a problem solver – you don’t get all hopelessly and desperately sentimental; you look at the situation rationally and see how the problem can be fixed. You’re the closest thing to a superwoman as you have the perfect solution to any issue. Kudos to you, you strong fixer.

You Own The Room

I’ve arrived, look at me – that’s what your favorite embellished jeans say about you. You are super confident and probably a statement dresser who isn’t afraid of taking a risk – whether a fashion or a life risk. You dive in head-first, follow your gut, aren’t afraid of falling in love, of failure or disappointment. You accept even lemons when life gives them and you turn them into chocolate somehow. Through good times and the bad you stride with a smile on your face and a killer outfit that can stop the traffic. You are the goal, the person we all secretly hope we could be.


  1. Nothing like a gorgeous pair of jeans to express yourself Love this xoxo cris

    1. Love how jeans have the ability to do that!

  2. OMG, just cannot understand "ripped" jeans. Sorry, darling. Maybe it's my age, but I hate hate hate them. And, actually, really don't like any kind of jeans for myself. I'm much more of a jazzy pant girl, skinny legs. Help me understand this ripped look please !!!!

    1. I am definitely for the skinny leg look too! But i do like the distressed jeans - they always look great with an early fall sweater and just add a twist to an other wise easy look.