Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Back in February I came in contact with Popreal, which is basically one of the children’s clothing websites out there. Pssst…they have mommy and me outfits. Even though I don’t have children I am always such a sucker for children and baby clothes. Fact – the smaller the clothes the cuter they are; I mean, have you ever meet a pair of baby/toddler shoes you didn’t total melt over.
Popreal not only has super cute baby and toddler clothes, but they are also priced at an amazing price point. I am so going to be that annoying mom that matches their daughter on beach vacations. And let’s not forget Christmas pictures… I always love the cards that are complete with matching family outfits.

My age group of friends are starting to have babies and I am constantly on the look out for cute newborn clothes and gifts and Popreal has some precious baby clothes that would make for the perfect baby gift.

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