Monday, May 7, 2018

Guest Post :: Redecorate Today: Don't Think About It Tomorrow Like Scarlet O'Hara

When you think of old Southern homes {or at least in my case} the first thing that seems to come to mind are old antebellum homes, like from Gone With the Wind, complete with wrap around porches, tall windows with equally large shutters, and grand stair cases. I for one love the look of old homes, it is truly impressive the craftsmanship and care that used to go into to creating such beautiful places to live. The only downside to owning an older home is the work it takes to keep everything up, but for me personally, I feel like the work would be worth the outcome. Today Lena Hemsworth is sharing some fabulous home redecorating tips!
Is your dream to live in a vintage house just like in those old movies you like so much? Sitting by the fireplace with a glass of Southern comfort in your hand, feeling the mystery of your ancestors who resided in the house before you? Well, it is possible. First, you don’t need any previous ancestor tenants, which is quite obvious - just let your imagination take care of that. Second, you won’t find that kind of house for sale. And if you do - don’t buy it. Old age houses look attractive only in movies, in reality, they’re not pleasant to live in at all - if the moist doesn’t ruin your health then the ceiling will fall on your head. So the only option you have is to make your new house look old. In other words, to redecorate it in vintage style. But many people are reluctant to start redecorating and they postpone the process every year until they gather up enough money. But your dreams are not something that should be postponed - it’s nice to pretend you’re Scarlet O’ Hara, but that doesn’t mean you should think about it tomorrow. Start redecorating today, and we’ll provide you with a few tips on how to do it without having your budget gone with the wind.

The Eyes of Time

If you want your house to get that ‛old feeling’ you need to start with its eyes - the windows. The soul of the house hides behind its windows, as H.P. Lovecraft has noticed a long time ago and depicted in his short story The Picture in the House in which he showed all his love for vintage things: ‛...but the small-paned windows still stare shockingly, as if blinking through a lethal stupor which wards off madness by dulling the memory of unutterable things.’ This is the exact effect you want to achieve, minus Lovecraft’s cosmic horror element, of course. The point is to make every passerby feel like the Past is watching him from the inside of the house. Small-paned windows really do have something sinister in them, so you should probably go for wide and tall ones, aiming for the grandiose and inviting effect. Of course, you can’t have your windows covered in dust and cobwebs, so you’ll have to go with curtains to achieve the ‛mysterious’ effect (and if you’re not aiming at mystery, you’ll still need some protection from the sun). You can choose between curtains, blinds, or shutters that will match your vintage style, but make sure you pick the quality window furnishing that will last - the point is to look worn-out, not to actually be decrepit.

The Rustic Soul

So, what is that soul behind the windows made of? The answer is simple- it’s made of wood. What makes that nostalgic feel of the old houses from the movies is the presence of natural wood and a number of exposed beams. The wood as a material has something almost archetypical inside it, connected with ancient deep-rooted trees in dark woods. That’s why it brings character to your new-old house better than any other material, and at the same time, it secures the warmth any home should have. You can use single planks, board-and-batten, or beaded board, depending on the style you wish to achieve, and whatever you choose the impact will still be great. Of course, the wood needs to be high quality and new for the construction, but you can easilymake it look old.

The Faded Memories

If you’ve ever been to any old house you’ve probably noticed that their walls look like they hide many faded memories of distant past. If you think about it, you’ll realize that that feeling comes from the paint that has faded away. So, in order to achieve a similar effect, all you need to do is to choose the muted hues for the colors of your walls. It would be best to stick to earthy tones for this timeless look, but there are many vintage color schemes so it doesn’t mean you’re only allowed to use the shades of brown. The point is to make the colors blend in, and make sure they don’t overshadow.

The faint flicker

What makes you feel nostalgic before you even enter a house is a faint light flickering inside. We’re not saying that you should cut the power and switch to candles, but a simple turn of the light switch can make all your effort evaporate like it was indeed the ghost of the past. So in order to maintain an authentic period look, you’ll have to equip yourself with some vintage reproductions when it comes to lighting. These can be pretty costly to come by, so the best solution is to mask things up with lots of ambient lighting, which is much cheaper. If you have some old gas lanterns you can convert them toelectric yourself and they’ll be quite sufficient for the job.

A Life Inside - the Conclusion

As you could see, there are various tricks that can make your house look like from the old movies - it’s basically like you’ve built yourself a film set. But keep in mind that you’re not an actor (although you can pretend to be Scarlet O’ Hara) and that you actually need to live inside. So make sure that under all those ‛layers of time’, everything must remain functional. After all, what makes the house truly alive is the person who lives inside it.

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