Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Go-To Nashville Restaurants

Over the past few years Nashville has really stepped up their food game. You can basically go to almost any part of town now pick up a stone, throw it, and it will probably land at the door of a decently good restaurant. If you are from Nashville you know just how truly unsafe The Gulch, 12th South, and East Nashville used to be, and how amazing the transformation certain areas of town have undergone.

I don’t live too central to where the trendy/up and coming restaurants are, but the restaurants I do frequent most often are on the healthy side and they are always consistently delicious!
Bartaco// I am fully aware that Bartaco is a chain restaurant, and I am all about #eatlocal, but their guacamole, cucumbers, and tacos are just too delicious to resist. Plus, let’s face facts, sorry Local Taco {love the queso} and Mas Tacos {love the tacos}, but Bartaco just has the best guacamole and atmosphere in town, as far as Mexican restaurants go.  
Pizza Perfect// The Pizza Perfect on 21st Ave {right across the street from Vanderbilt} hands down has the best non-gourmet pizza in town, and each time is seriously better than the last. Is it just me, or do others have trouble trusting people who don’t like pizza or tacos…
Merridee’s Breadbasket// Admittedly, I live pretty central to a mall, grocery store, restaurants, etc., so I am pretty spoiled with the fact that I can basically get to where I need to go in 10 minutes. Merridee’s is about 20 minutes away in Franklin, TN. so a little bit of a distance away {at least in my book} but totally worth it. Believe it or not it is actually hard to find a good lunch time/sandwich place that isn’t Jersey Mikes or some other sub shop. Merridee’s is the most idealistic lunch that exists – their sandwiches are perfection and their pastries taste like something that came from your grandmother’s kitchen and wraps you in a warm blanket of fond memories.
Table 3// I have a soft spot for French restaurants {Table 3 and Le Sel are the two best French restaurants in Nashville, in my humble opinion} and Table 3 is always a sure French fix. Their entrees are très bon and the service is très magnifique! I highly recommend the Croque Madame, Herb Roasted Chicken, and any of their fish dishes.
The Perch// This is probably the restaurant I frequent most for lunch, mainly because you can’t help but eat healthy at this place and the food is always super good. The Perch’s specialty is crepes of any kind, and they also offer an all day breakfast menu, and an assortment of salads. In all seriousness they have the best Crepes in town – if you are ever in Nashville this is the perfect late breakfast/early lunch spot.


  1. I haven't visited Nashville in years! Its so time to head back!