Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book

Who else who grew up in the 90s was a little overly obsessed with all things Lisa Frank? I for sure was a die-hard fan of hers back in the day. Bright colors, unicorns, and other adorable animal illustrations – it was a pre-teen 90s girls dreams come to life. Back in the day when my mother had to go to Target I would take full advantage and sneak Lisa Frank anything into her shopping and then would cross my eyes, fingers, and toes, that she would not noticed them while going through the check out line.

Last week it was announced via Instagram that the Lisa Frank company will be releasing an adult coloring book sometime next month. I know your 90s loving heart is probably just as excited as mine over the news. After all, sometimes it’s the small things in life we get the biggest kick out of.

I will admit that at first I thought the whole adult coloring book thing was a bit silly considering all the other things in life you ‘should’ be doing, but it is such a great end of the day therapy. Honestly I color sometimes just to get my brain to stop thinking and relax – you would be surprised the wonders of an adult coloring booking and a glass of wine can preform for your mental health purposes.  I for one cannot wait to pick up the new Lisa Frank adult coloring book!