Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Dress For A Beach Wedding

The wedding season is upon and we always seem to ask our self the question ‘what should I wear’. When of the toughest types of wedding to dress for seem to be beach weddings. For today’s post Peter Minkoff has written a guest post to answer the question of what to wear to a beach wedding and has come with some fabulous suggestions.
Oh, summer – a season of romance, cocktails, sun-kissed skin, endless love and fabulous beach weddings. Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so! Beach weddings are truly magical, however, one question inevitably arises – what on earth should I wear for one such ceremony? Well, if this conundrum bothers you, too – stay with us! Here are some of the hottest pieces that will make you look and feel top-notch at such an event, so check them out and go shopping right away!

Light maxi dress on point
You can never go wrong with a maxi dress – these are particularly appropriate when it comes to summer, since they provide that unique glam vibe necessary for a beach wedding. However, you should pay attention to fabric – light ones, such as linen, organza, chiffon, or even cotton blends are just perfect for such an event. Lace can also be a fantastic choice, as it will provide a dose of sophistication to your overall look. On the other hand, rich fabrications such as brocade and velvet will look luxurious and haute couture-ish, which makes them great candidates for your fabulous outfit. When it comes to colors, make sure not to choose white – you don’t want to steal the bride’s show, right? You can always pick some bright shades, such as lime green, turquoise, or fuchsia – these will scream summer!
Flat leather gladiators will save the day
Flat leather gladiators should be your go-to choice, especially if the ceremony takes place at the beach. All of us can agree that heels are slightly inappropriate for such an occasion, since they would constantly sink into the sand and are likely to get stuck in decking. Ditch them and slip into your new gladiators – these will look so chic, particularly when combined with a gorgeous maxi dress! That is a killer combo which flatters every body shape, so make sure not to skip it. Here is another essential tip for you: don’t forget to get a pedi! Open-toed footwear requires beautiful feet, so have that covered before the ceremony, too.

Accessorise yourself
Everyone knows that accessories make the whole outfit look complete, so don’t skip accessorizing under any circumstances! Pendant necklace and statement ring will always do the trick and complement your look in the best possible way. However, you can always do better than that! Get some sophisticated, yet very attractive thin gold necklaces and layer them up – these are a huge hit this summer. Combine them with rings in similar style, and voila – you will achieve the boho look everyone has been raving about this season. Don’t forget to add your fabulous sunglasses, and you will be good to go! Just make sure not to over-accessorize – even Coco Chanel said that “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” That will help you stay classy and stylish no matter what.
Hair and make-up on fleek
The last two steps of your top-notch beach wedding outfit are hair and make-up, so make sure that these are flawless as well. Beachy waves are certainly one of those hairdos that will never go out of style – these are true representatives of a timeless chic that is always desirable. They go perfectly with flowy maxi dresses and subtle accessories, as well as with light, yet effective make-up. Choose a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation and avoid that cakey effect on your face. Add bronzer to your cheeks for a sun-kissed look and some shimmer to your lids – that will make your eyes look wide open. A touch of colour on your lips is the final step that will elevate your entire look.

Being so magical and surreal, beach weddings are events that constantly remind us about the importance of love. If you have just opened up an invitation for one such event, you are a lucky one! Now that you have the complete fashion & style guide in front of you, coming up with an ideal outfit won’t be such a difficult task to accomplish. Good luck and have fun at the wedding!

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