Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rain Down, Boots Up

I wear rain boots way too much – that is about sums it up. From Fall to Spring I pretty much live in rain boots, that is till I can break out the sandals. Just to clarify I only live in my rain boots when it is appropriate, aka casual/rainy/snowy/hangout days.

It is hard to think back to a time when I felt like the only place to get a pair of rain boots in Nashville was Target {I didn’t get into online shopping till I was in college}. Now it seems like basically almost every brand and a cute pair of rain boots to pick from; which, I love!

Since it is supposed to rain everyday in Nashville this week I thought I would keep with my rain theme from yesterday and share a few of my favorite boots.


  1. I absolutely adore the Pelican Rain Boot and the red boots! They are so adorable!

    Alyssa The Runner

  2. I have been wanting a pair, love these ones a lot!

  3. Very engaging post dear! it's so fun to read until the end of it ♥

  4. Now that the snow is melting is quite wet outside so rain boots are the perfect way to combat it! I have a pair of black ones, but those navy joules would be a great addition to my closet!

    1. I have the black joules with the yellow bow and I love them - maybe even more than Hunter boots!

  5. whoaaaaaaaa...

  6. I LOVE those bow boots! So cute!