Monday, December 15, 2014

A Norman Rockwell Christmas

I love the sense of nostalgia, emotion, and reliability that all of Norman Rockwell paintings seem to radiate. My grandmother still has a few issues of The Saturday Evening Post and I used to love to look at the covers when I was younger. Last year The Frist had a Norman Rockwell exhibit and I enjoyed it so much I went to the exhibit twice! Even though I was not a live when Norman Rockwell painted the unforgettable covers for the Saturday Evening Post his paintings still take me back to child. Norman Rockwell painted Santa Clause exactly how I imagined he would look like and he so perfectly captures the emotions that all families feel during the holiday season.


  1. Norman Rockwell paintings always have a sense of family and tradition when it comes to Christmas, so beautiful.

    1. I agree! All of his paintings seem to capture family and tradition so beautifully!