Saturday, June 8, 2024

Links I'm Loving

 I had the hardest time letting go of spring this year… I love when everything comes into bloom, the weather is still slightly cold, and it is like everything is waking up again. I always dread the summers now because it gets so hot where I live, but now that it’s here, I am so enjoying the warmth of the sun, the longer days, and the calm that a summer storm can bring about. 

One// Hello Beautiful

I started listening to this book on Audible a few days ago, and I am only about 25% through the book, but it has been a really great read so far and the development of the character is really fantastic! If you are looking for a good read, I highly recommend this one

Two// The Acolyte

I love how Disney keeps rolling out Star Wars shows! I just had a chance to watch the first Acolyte episode tonight and I am so excited to see where this series goes!

Three// Wanderlust Oxford

Absolutely love the rich navy color of these shoes and the fact that it is a sophisticated sneaker! Comfort every time! Plus, how great would this shoe be for Travel!? Use code: SARAHFLINT_CCLAURENAID for 15% off!

Four// 50 Best Beach Reads of 2024

It goes without saying that summer and beach reads were made to go together. If you are looking for a little summer reading inspiration, then this is a great starting point!

Five// Maddy DeVita

I am currently obsessed with watching private chef Instagram accounts and Maddy DeVita of Hand me the Fork is one of my most favorite personal chef accounts. I have a thing about kitchens and think it would be so fun to go into other people’s kitchen and see what kind of cookware and appliances they have

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