Wednesday, June 29, 2022

SummerSalt Warehouse Sale

 The first ever SummerSalt Warehouse Sale is currently underway! The entire site is 30% off, so needless to say, the sale selection is simply amazing!!! I feel like it is always so hard to find a swimsuit, especially a one-piece, that is flattering, provides the right amount of coverage and support, and is either classic or stylish. SummerSalt sent me The Sidestroke one-piece last week along with a few other pieces, and I can say from personal experience that their swimsuits check all of the above: flattering, supportive, covers enough, and overall just a really great quality piece. 

For the past few summers, I have been on the hunt for a classic looking one-piece, but could never really find one that I ‘loved’. I love the SummerSalt one-piece I received so much that I ordered a few pieces from the sale… The Bow-Shoulder Ruched Sidestroke is my favorite, mainly because of the bow element, but also, it’s super flattering! I honestly think that everyone needs at least one SummerSalt swimsuit in their wardrobe! I have rounded up a few of my favorite suits that are included in the warehouse sale! P.S. for my tall friend out there – SummerSalt also offers a large selection of their swimsuits in long torso!! Code does not apply to sale items, but for any future purchases you may make from SummerSalt, you can use my code: LAURENJS10 at checkout to receive $10 towards your purchase!!

The Sidestroke

The Surf

The Bow-Shoulder Ruched Sidestroke

The Mini-Ruffle Sweetheart Coast One-piece

The Ruffle Backflip

The Ruffle Oasis

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