Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Horsewoman

 I read a string of not-so-great books in April and only had time to read one book in May, so I am glad to start off June with a book that was actually pretty good! Quick disclaimer: I have never been around the horse world or even ridden a horse, so I don’t know if the terms or show horse proceedings are correct, but if you are a horse person, you will either love this book or not. Personally, know nothing about that world, I absolutely loved The Horsewoman!

The Horsewoman by James Patterson and Mike Lupica follows the story of a mother {Maggie} and daughter {Becky}, and of course the Matriarch of the family, Caroline. A string of events sets both Maggie and Becky on the path to the Olympics, competing against each other every step of the way. 


The story starts out with Maggie falling off her horse on a run of the mill trail ride. The family decides that if Maggie is not able to Maggie’s horse, Coronado, then Becky should. The only issue is that Caroline and Maggie own just 40% of Coronado, and the other 60% belongs to a shrewd businessman from New York who is less than thrilled about Becky ridding the horse. 


Maggie being determined as ever recovers from her fall in record time and takes her house back over. She encourages Becky to still pursue her new Olympic dream, and continue to compete on her own horse, Sky. Both mother and daughter have their ups and downs on their journey, and each step along the way is filled with its own sense of drama and suspense. 


I feel like this book was a little off the beaten path for Patterson, who is usually known for his mystery novels, but he exceled at creating a completive world of sports and developing both a protagonist and antagonist. Highly recommend this book!

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