Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Matchmaker

 For the past year of so I have just been doing a monthly book roundup instead of full book reviews but thought I would go back to do a true book review in addition to the monthly roundup. I know that people are always looking for a good book recommendation, and I feel like it is always nicer to give a book a little bit more attention than just a paragraph. 

I recently read The Matchmaker, by Elin Hilderbrand, and perusal it was absolutely delightful. While we are the topic of Matchmaker… does anyone know of one? Preferably along the lines of a Rose Weissman type matchmaker {joking, but also kind of not joking} … The main character of The Matchmaker, Dabney Kimball, has a very colorful and true insight to the wrong and right matches of the world, which makes things interesting at times, but to her credit, she has made 42 successful matches over the course of her life!


Aside from her matchmaking abilities Dabney is the heart center of Nantucket. She is loved by most, if not everybody, takes pride in her family, her town, her job, and her personal life. She is married to John Beech {aka Box}, and they have a daughter who was adopted by Box upon their marriage, but her actual father is Dabney’s high school and college sweetheart who took Dabney’s heart halfway across the world to Asia for twenty-seven years. 


Dabney’s life is fairly calm until one day when she receives an email from Clendenin Hughes, the love of her life, to let her know he will be returning to Nantucket after close to three decades away. On top of this new Dabney learns that her daughter is most definitely engaged to the wrong man for her. 


Needless to say, Dabney’s life takes an interesting turn, forces her to make some decisions, live up to her past, and reveal a few secrets she has been keeping. 


The Matchmaker is the perfect book to read over spring break. It will have you cheering, laughing, and crying all the way through. Highly recommend! 

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