Friday, March 18, 2022

Run Rose Run

 It has been at least a decade since I have read and James Patterson book, and obviously when I found out that he had co-authored a book with Dolly Parton, I was counting down the days till Run Rose Run was released. I am such a fan of Dolly Parton, I feel like you just can’t help but love her, especially if you are from Nashville. I feel like she is always contributing to her community and society in such a positive way, plus her songs are just iconic. I honestly have so many friends who have named their dogs either after Dolly herself or one of her songs, and in the South, I feel like that says a lot about a person if someone names a dog in their honor. 

James Patterson books used to be my go-to books when I was in college; they are always entertaining, I loved how he had shorter chapters, so it made it easy to read a few other things at the same time, and I love how he always has a plot twist in store. Run Rose Run did not disappoint and was definitely on par with his other books. I love how Patterson and Dolly were able to seamlessly weave a story together while still maintaining their own unique voices.


A head-strong and determined AnnieLee Keyes makes her way to Nashville, like so many, to pursue her dream becoming a Country Music singer. On her first night in town she meets, Ethan, who will become one of her greatest allies on the way to the top, and even introduces her to a country music icon who takes AnnieLee Keyes under her wing. 


With her natural talent, determination, a little help from a few new friends AnnieLee Keyes quickly turns into a country music singer on the rise. However, AnnieLee Keyes has a few skeletons hiding in her closet, and finds that no matter how hard you try to outrun your past it can catch up with you. 


Highly recommend this book! It is full of dynamic and entertaining characters, twist and turns, a little bit of humor, suspense, and love to tie everything together. 


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