Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

 Is anyone else absolutely amazed by the events that have taken place over the span of two years… Sometimes I honestly wish I could transport myself back to 2019 or early 2020 and just enjoy the semblance of normalcy and calm in the world. One thing positive that has come out of current events is that it has unified people and I have absolutely loved seeing the different ways people have come up with to help. I particularly love the idea of booking an Airbnb over in the Ukraine to get money directly to those who need it in a quick fashion. 

Even in the hardest of times I always think it is best to view life through the most positive lens while still maintaining a realistic view. In other words, viewing the world through rose colored glasses. So in the spirit of a rose colored, but realistic view point, and since spring is just around the corner, I have rounded up a few of my favorite rose colored things!

LoveShackFancy Idra Dress// So in love with the many layers of ruffles on this dress. How could anyone have a bad day or night in this dress

Larroude The Erin Clutch// I honestly feel like this clutch can be used all year around. The pink and white gingham would brighten up any drab winter day and look beautiful with your favorite summer dress!

Estelle Colored Decanter In Blush Pink// I am so smittened with Estelle colored glasses; all of their products are just stunning! This has to be one of the most attractive decanters I have seen, plus, it’s pink!

Mi Golondrina Valeria Rosa Claro Gingham// The top of Mi Golondrina’s smocked dresses run a little smaller than their normal dress, so I would definitely recommend sizing up one size. This dress is definitely a splurge, but they are just perfect for the summertime


Stuart Weitzman Goldie Crystal Jelly Sandals// How cute are these for the beach or a day spent by the pool? I just love the blush pink color and the pearl and rhinestone details

Celeste 12x20 Velvet Lumbar Pillow// This shade of blush is such a neutral – I honestly feel like it could be used against any shade of furniture. 

Dream Room via randigarrett design// How beautiful are all the pink details in this room?!

Krewe Earhart Blinker Sunglasses// The side details on these glasses are just so fun and they are wonderful those extra sunny days ahead

Lilly Pulitzer Deva Ruffle Sweatshirt// This would be the perfect shirt to wear on a cool summer night. I love the ruffle detail and the shade of pink is just so iconic for Lilly

Velvet Louise Curtains// These curtains would be so fabulous in a home office or a child’s room. Plus, the weight of them adds a bit of a luxury element

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