Friday, February 11, 2022

Movies For Valentines

 I always love when Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, Monday or the weekend, for the simple reason that it can be stretched for a few extra days. Also, when is Valentine’s Day going to be declared an actual holiday? A day that is named after a Saint and celebrates love of any kind, deserves its own day of acknowledgement and a little time off… 

I am such a rom-com junkie and firmly believe that they are a cure for basically anything: stress, breakups, bad days, sleepless nights – you name it, and they will instantly put you in a better frame of mind. I also love rom coms, for date nights, girls nights, nights spent in, or just because. Basically, rom-coms are a strong go-to movie genre. More than any other time of the year the day/week of Valentines is so perfect for a good rom-com movie fest! 

Marry Me

I am so excited for the new Jennifer Lopez movie! I haven’t seen it yet, but the previews look so fun and I have yet to meet a JLO movie I haven’t loved – she can seriously do it all! And every rom-com she has been in has always been so uplifting, so I am definitely looking forward to watching this one


You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is hands down my all-time favorite movie. It was the first rom-com that I saw and actually understood, and even cried at the end. Plus, AOL instant massager is a key part of the story line, and what pre-teen girl didn’t love a good AIM chat back in the late 90s?! 


Runaway Bride 

The storyline and the album in this movie are just outstanding. I love how the message is that you may come close to love many times, but the love that is meant to last will always come back into your life when you’re ready or the timing is more appreciate


Sleepless In Seattle 

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are pretty much the rom-com gold standard as far as movie couples go – they always have such great on screen chemistry and they both seem like they would be wonderful people in real life. As you have probably predicted, love the story line of this movie as well… It just goes to show you that sometimes following your heart and a blind leap of faith pays off in the end.



I really do believe that Karma is a real thing and what’s meant to be will always be, but sometimes destiny needs a little help. Such a perfect feel good movie for Valentines weekend!

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  1. Lovely selection and yes I do want to see Marry Me! xx