Thursday, February 3, 2022

30 Days of Yoga

 Towards the end of December, I was definitely feeling the repercussions of the holiday celebrations. I have turned into such a foodie over the years, and holiday food is such a treat, but the amount of cheese, creams, milk, sugar, starch, alcohol, eventually starts to make me feel a like I desperately need a detox. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I feel like the fat in the food even affects the texture {and definitely the quality} of my skin…

I have heard so many wonderful things about Adriene’s 30 days of yoga, so thought I would give it ago to shed the holiday gunk. I have to say this series definitely lived up to the hype. I loved the original 30 days of yoga series so much that I have even started Adriene’s 30 days of move yoga series


Aside from the obvious benefit of a daily yoga practice toning and having a positive physical affect, it has so many other health benefits, plus it definitely acts as a detox of some sort. The biggest benefit that I personally experienced were mental benefits. Over the past two years I have had the absolute worst time going to sleep at night, and I have noticed that the meditative element of yoga brings about a peaceful mindset, especially if you choose to practice yoga during the evening. 


Another benefit I have noticed is that it seems to reduce stress. I feel like the past couple of years have been high stress for me on a personal level… I have been mindful of it and try to make a point to just live in a day-to-day mindset, which can be a bit of a challenge some days… but yoga definitely helps with stress and anxiety 


Maybe it is just me, but I feel like certain foods can make my face a little puffy, and yoga helps prevent and do away with puffiness, which I consider to be a huge benefit by itself!


I have noticed that practicing yoga everyday also provides mental clarity. My mind honestly feel like an attic sometimes – all my thoughts can collide together, and the mental clarity from yoga helps me to compartmentalize and prioritize everything.


If you haven’t tried a 30 days of yoga series yet, I cannot recommend it enough! 

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