Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving Menu

 Earlier today my mom and I were discussing how Christmas and Thanksgiving seem to run together now, or more so than it did ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Growing up I remember Thanksgiving being more of a separate holiday than it is now. I feel like people actually had Thanksgiving decorations… Over the years though it seems like Thanksgiving has kind of become the middle child of the holiday season.

Lately I have trying to be more present in the moment. I feel like this year has just gone by in the blink of the eye, and let’s be honest, sometimes things are just so crazy or time consuming that it is so easy to let time and moments slip through your fingers. I will go ahead and confess that I am much more a Christmas person than I am a Thanksgiving person, but I am also much more a Thanksgiving person than I am a Halloween person {not my favorite holiday…}. I honestly haven’t been that excited about Thanksgiving this year, mainly because I don’t feel like it should be November yet… However, you can either waste time looking in the past or looking too far in the future, or you can be mindfully content and make a point to enjoy, embrace and be in the moment. So, I have chosen the later. 


One of my favorite things about most holidays is of course a good tablespace, but most importantly holiday appropriate themed food. I love how the smell of different food evokes a memory from years gone by, spreads merriment, and brings loved ones around a table. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Thanksgiving menu staples with you all!

Ina Garten Herb Roasted Turkey Breast// Has anyone else ever noticed that any recipe Ina Garten comes up with is basically perfection on a plate? I have a smaller family, so a decent size turkey breast is the perfect size for us. This is one of the moistest turkeys you will ever eat and what my family plans on having this Thanksgiving! 


Ina Garten’s Roasted-Turkey Roulade// If you have a larger gathering of more than 6 or 8, you will need something a little bit more meaningful than a turkey breast, obviously. This turkey roulade is amazing and looks so beautiful on a table. Cannot recommend enough – perfect for larger gatherings!

Ina Garten Make-Ahead Cranberry Sauce// I know, these recipes are getting a little Ina heavy, but I also have recipes for other chefs coming up! This cranberry sauce is to die for! Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or to go with your weeknight tenderloin. Super easy to make – the only thing I suggest is cook the sauce a little longer than the recipe suggest. 


Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole// is a holiday a holiday without the classic Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole? This dish is basically the anchor of any holiday meal – love it!


Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Dessert Squares// These smell amazing and are so easy to make. Garneted to be a crowd favorite! 


Creamy Mac and Cheese// Growing up I was such a picky eater. Needless to say Mac and Cheese was pretty much the only thing I would during holiday meals. This particular recipe is a 10/10, even for those picky you might have around your Thanksgiving table


Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes// Sorry, not sorry, but I highly doubt that any homemade mashed potato recipe could be better than Bob Evans. And honestly, mashed potatoes take some effort… why not go a little easy on yourself and cut a corner here and there


Classic Cornbread Dressing// Since I do live in the South, Cornbread dressing is an absolute must. In my honest opinion, next to the turkey the cornbread dressing is the next most import dish of the Thanksgiving experience. It just binds the entire meal together! 

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