Wednesday, November 10, 2021

My Nighttime Routine

 I feel like nighttime and morning routines are one of those things that are forever evolving and changing due to circumstances, new products, habits, lifestyle, etc. 

2020 and 2021 have probably been two of the highest stressed year of basically everyone’s lives. For a little while I was so guilty of falling into the pattern of watching the news, worrying about the future, becoming covid paranoid, was 100% riding different waves of emotions, and going to bed around 2am or 3am in due to a string of constant thoughts running through my mind. 

Recently I have been working on being content on where I am in life, letting go of worries I have no control over, and for the most part have eliminated watching the news. Amidst everything my nighttime routine has also changed a little so I thought I would share a new update on what my pre bedtime routine currently looks like. 

Low Key Television

Unless it’s the weekend I try to avoid any anxiety inducing tv shows and movies. 90s rom coms are basically my favorite thing to watch, so usually I watch either a feel-good movie or a lighthearted tv show



A few months ago, I started doing yoga right before I take a shower at night and it 100% helps me sleep at night and gives me a more peaceful mind frame. If you haven’t tried yoga before bed, I highly recommend you do – it works wonders



Is there anything better than a long, hot shower at the end of the day? I honestly don’t understand how some people go to bed and/or wakeup without taking a shower… It’s my way of unwinding at night and waking up in the morning


Book on Audio

Before I start doing my nighttime beauty routine, I usually open a book in Audible. I just fished ‘The Paper Palace’ {I know this book has been so popular, but sorry, not sorry… I was not a fan of this book} and will be picking a new and hopefully much better book to listen to tonight.


Nighttime Beauty

I love having a nighttime beauty routine; it’s something small that makes me feel like I am doing something beneficial for myself and I can mentally check out while I’m doing it. I always start off by brushing my teeth, then I move on to applying my face and eye cream {currently using this and this}, and then I use a rose quartz roller to finish off the process. 



Lastly, I turn down my bed, climb in, and read a book until I start to feel tired 

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