Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Currently Watching On Netflix

 What did we ever do before binge watching was a thing? I can’t believe it was only a decade ago that we all had to wait an entire week before we found out what happened in the story line of our few most beloved shows. 

Netflix is like a dark hole for me, once I am sucked into a really good show, I am 100% sucked in. Although we still have to wait an entire week to find out what happens on certain shows, when it comes to Netflix that is never the case. Here are a few Netflix series that I have either recently watched or am currently watching!

One// You

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Joe is a next level Dan Humphrey? Either way, Joe is without a doubt a chilling character. Season 3 of ‘You’ does not disappoint. I was honestly a little worried that the storyline would be a bit of a reach since the show is in its third season, but so far it has been equally as chilling and nail biting as the first.


Two// Maid

Full disclosure, great storyline, but this show can be a little depressing, so if you are feeling down or are getting out of a bad relationship this might not be the best show for you to watch… The cast of this show is amazing and I absolutely fell in love with the main character. It truly is a show of determination and goodwill does pay off in the end. This series also does a great job of raising awareness of domestic abuse and delivers the message that abuse comes in many other forms than physical.


Three// The Babysitters Club

Maybe I am too old to enjoy this show as much as I do, but I completely love how Netflix has revived The Babysitters Club. I remember reading this books when I was little and watch the 90s version of this show on the weekend when I was maybe seven or eight. The casting for this show and just so perfect and it is such a great escape from everything.


Four// The Great British Baking Show

I have to confess, I kind of like the British Baking Show better than any American baking competition. Everyone on the show is just so nice and encouraging towards one another, and overall it just makes the show more enjoyable and relaxing to watch, plus, I love the way everything looks that is baked on this show


Five// Emily In Paris

This is like my third time watching this series, no shame. It is just such a fun show to get lost in. Between the shopping, fashion, men, and drama, how could anyone help but love this show

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