Saturday, September 18, 2021

Links I'm Loving

 I literally cannot remember the last time I put together a ‘Links I’m Loving’ post. Things have just been so crazy and I feel like it is getting harder and harder to grab the string of time. I’m starting to wonder if telling myself ‘things will calm down’ is just a kind lie I am telling myself. I am going to be optimistic and say that it’s not and that things will truly slow down and the sails of time will soon shift in a calmer direction. But for now, here are a few links that I am completely loving!

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One// The Chair

I know that people have varied opinions about Sandra Oh’s performance in Grey’s Anatomy, but I feel like her whit and dry sense of humor completely made the show. She brings the same dynamic personality to the new Netflix show, ‘The Chair’, and the whole series is just addicting to watch. 


Two// Shashi Mini Hoop Earrings

Personally, I wear stud earrings most of the time just because the are easy and super light weight, but I am so loving the mini hoop earring trend. They are just as lightweight as studs, but like a notch up, and Shopbop has such a great selection of them!


Three// Design article on How to Mix Patterns 

I am so glad we are back in a wallpaper period again, and luckily it looks like it is here to stay this time. I feel like it is basically personality on the wall, and I feel like interior designers, and setting such better trends than the last time wallpaper was in. Plus, I just love it when pattern play comes into play in a home d├ęcor setting. 


Four// Le Lion The Back Puff Sleeve Crew

Okay, so this sweater can either be worn with the bows on the front or the bows on the back, but I have to say I like it worn with bows on the back of the sweater better. The color of this sweater, monogram, and the bow details just make this sweater so charming


Five// Jennifer Garner Oatmeal Cookies

Jennifer Garner and her mom are basically the cutest cooking duo, ever. This video is so adorable and this cookie recipe looks so delicious!

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