Thursday, September 23, 2021

August Reading List

 At the start of the year I set a goal for myself that I would read a hundred books for the year of 2021 {give or take a few}, and I am still going to try to land as close to that number as possible, but I have a feeling I am definitely going to fall somewhat short on that particular goal. 

The summer honestly felt like a whirlwind and I for one am glad that a new season has greeted us with a cool gentle breeze. I had a lot of family things going on the past few months, and all the months have just really seemed to melt into one another. I normally put together a monthly reading list around the first of every month, but I have dragged my feet on publishing one for the simple reason, that I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I only read one book during the month of August… and I didn’t even read it, read it, because it was an audio book… However, I am glad to say I am making more progressing with my reading this month! I am currently finishing up book 4 and starting on book 5. For now though, here is a review of the one book I did read/listen to during the month of August.

How To Change A Life, by Stacey Ballis

Since I only read one book in August, I am happy to say it was ‘How to Change A Life’. It was such a good read that just goes to show you that life throws us curve balls, good and bad, there is always a positive to come out of even bad circumstances, time tends to take care of things in its own ways, and all relationships, of any kind, require a certain amount of work and understand to make them last or eventually welcome certain people back into our life. 


Eloise is a happy and successful private chef. She works for an incredible family whose children adore her, and has a few other clients on the side. When Eloise’s favorite high school English teacher passes away and she is reunited with her three best friends, she starts to understand just how lonely she has been over the past few years. 


In Celebration of their high school English teacher and their May birthday month, which they all share, Eloise and her friends decide to make a list of goals, some simple and some easy, that they must complete. The two who fail to complete the least items on their list have to make a donation in honor of the English teacher. 


One of Eloise’s bucket list items is to meet a significant other, and she succeeds in the most fabulous way, until a chance encounter leads her to discover that her new boyfriend is one of her best friend’s ex-husband… will the budding romance survive the road block and will this group of friends be able to make it to the finish line with their bucket lists…


This book truly is such a great lighthearted read. Definitely recommend!

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