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Guest Post :: Sustainable Fashion - 5 Ways To Wear The Change You Want To See

 Maybe I have been out of the loop, but the term ‘sustainable fashion’ is new to me. This is one reason why I always love teaming up to do a good guest post with someone – it mixes it up for you all and sometimes I even learn a few new things. Despite not knowing about sustainable fashion I have been doing some of the practices – I definitely have worn most of my clothing close to thirty times and I usually gravitate towards items that are on the timeless side. However, I have never thought to rent an item of clothing {such a great idea, especially for a special event} or researching sustainable brands. Hope you all enjoy Suzy’s guest post as much as I do! 

Standing at the dawn of another decade, there are no more excuses for us not to care about the planet. It is no secret that the fashion industry is the environment's nemesis. But together, with a little thought and effort, we can turn that around by choosing sustainable fashion. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a billionaire to dress sustainably. Here are 5 simple tips for you to do it successfully. 

1.      #30Wears 

The 30 wears challenge is quite an interesting one where you wear every item in your closet at least 30 times. And, when you go for retail therapy, ask yourself, “Will I wear this more than 30 times?” before tossing a piece in your cart. It is an easy-peasy way to adapt to a sustainable mindset. 


2.       Renting is the new trend 

For special occasions like our best friend’s wedding or that New Year’s Eve party we have been planning for the entire year, we want all the eyeballs on us. We hop from one store to another frantically and don’t flinch for a second to make a massive dent in our bank account. What for? For a dress, we’ll wear it once and show off our #ootd to up our Insta game for that night. Then, the dress sits in some dark corner of the closet and hardly sees sunshine for another day. An alternative to this chaos is simply renting a beauty. It’s way cheaper. There’s no commitment. 


And most importantly, it’s sustainable. So, if you have a special occasion approaching, rent your outfit. We promise you won’t go back to buying fancy designer numbers anymore. 


3. Find a tailor 

A tailor can do two things for you – 


· Refresh the fit of your ill-fitted clothes.

· Mend your clothes if they get a little tear or if the seams come apart. 


This is an essential step to keep you from buying new clothes unnecessarily. And, if you love fashion then, we suggest you learn the basics of sewing to be your own tailor. 


You can also be your own DIY designer and revamp your old clothes to give them a new look instead of constantly purchasing new clothes. 


4. Invest in creating a wardrobe 

Instead of buying cheaply made fast fashion based on the latest trends, buy clothes of premium quality that will last you a lifetime or two. Invest in your pieces that can be trans-seasonal. Some basics that are must-have for most wardrobes regardless of personal style are underwear and lingerie, a pair or two of jeans, t-shirts, shirts, coats, and jackets. You can click here for premium quality outfits. You’ll get the most wear out of these pieces, which gets better with every wash, instead of disintegrating into threads and pieces. 


5. Support sustainable brands 

Remember, demand dictates supply. So, do a little research on the internet to find out the top sustainable brands that are available in your country. And buy your pieces from these brands instead of buying from fast-fashion chains. Even a small step like this can lead to a major shift in the way brands manufacture their clothes. 


So, now that you are armed with these tips and all that knowledge, time for some actions! 


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Author’s Bio: Being the fashion editor of the widely read blog - the House of Elegance Fashion, Suzy Walsh is on a mission to change the way we look at fashion. She wants to spread awareness about sustainable fashion through her super interesting blog. 

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