Friday, January 22, 2021


 I was sent an advanced copy of Fractured, by Shay Siegel, back in the late fall, and honestly originally I was not too excited to read it just because it falls in the young adult category. Normally, young adult books are my guilty pleasure, but lately I have been taking a break from them just because the newer ones either seem to be shallow, lack substance, depressing, just way too out there, or the writing level is semi low. I didn’t have very high hopes for this book, expecting it to follow the formula of the newer young adult books, but Fractured is honestly one of the best young adult novels I have read. Highly recommend. 

I think at different points in our life we have all felt like we have been thrown completely off course by the unexpected. Relationships end loved ones move away or pass on, an unexpected job change, a move to a new home or town. In a way sometimes the unexpected can either make our lives feel fractured or that we have been internally fractured somehow. 


Mason Vance is the star quarterback of his high school football team with the expectation to one day maybe play in the NFL. However, we never know when an unexpected event might occur, including Mason Vance. Distracted by a cheerleader, he breaks his wrist during the Homecoming football game, sending him to the hospital. While on his way to his first doctor appointment Mason meets a girl, and the two events colliding at the same time force Mason to take a long hard look at his lifestyle choices. 


Lace, the only girl who doesn’t seem to fall for Mason’s pickup lines, too wrapped up in her own drama, draws out a deeper of Mason. One night an event happens that not only fractures Lace and Mason’s relationship, but Mason’s views. He calls past decisions into question, reflects on how he’s treated various people, his future, how to mend things with Lace, and wonders what his future will look like if he is no longer able to play football again. 

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