Monday, November 2, 2020

October Reading List

 I really can’t believe that today is the second day of November… I honestly feel like in a lot of ways we have just been stuck in March for the past eight months. 2020 is definitely a year that has forced us to hit the pause button, put a few things on the shelf, and readjusts a few things. 

One good thing about 2020 is that it has allowed a little more time to take better care of yourself, self reflection, and plenty of time to read, which is one thing I have loved! Here is a list books I was able to read in October.

The Things We Cannot Say, by Kelly Rimmer

About two years about I read The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, and it is still the one of the best books I have read in ages. I have heard a few people compare this book to The Nightingale, so I obviously had to read The Things We Cannot Say. 


Rimmer did such a wonderful job of intertwining the past with the present and slowly revealing family secrets and a window into a young woman’s daily life during World War II


Next Year In Havana, by Chanel Cleeton

I listened to this book on Audible while I went on walks, and can I just say that this is a perfect book to listen to on Audio. With the narrator’s inflictions and accents it really did bring the story to life. 


The granddaughter of Elisa Perez travel’s to Cuba with her grandmother’s ashes, to scatter them in the place that she loved most. In her quest to do so, she uncovers the life her grandmother lived, her love life, and the political unrest that eventually forced them out of Cuba and to seek refuge in Miami.


Such A Fun Age, by Kiley Reid

Does Reese’s Book Club picks ever disappoint? This book is so appropriate to a read and in timing with the societal views and times that surround us. 


Alix Chamberlain is a mother of two, married to a news anchor, and has build her success on a confidence driven brand, and encourages other women to do the same. As Alix seeks a babysitter for her daughter, she settles on Emira, who is a little lost in life, Alix of course only wants to find a way to help. Emira begins to date someone from Alix’s past, which unearths plenty. 


In Five Years, by Rebecca Serle

This is one of those books that you can loose yourself in and read in one day, easily. It is moving, clever, and powerful.


Remember when you were fresh out of college or grad school and one of the first questions asked in an interview was “Where do you see yourself in five year?” Well, a very ambitious lawyer knows exactly where she will be in five years, but unfortunately {and sometimes fortunately} life throws us all a curve ball that might throw us off of that perfectly envisioned five year course we once had in mind. Truly a story that will be loved by all and will at times pull at your heartstrings 


Dear Carolina, by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Kristy Woodson Harvey always writes the most perfect beach reads. I love how she is able to make her character jump off the pages and into your world. 


Two women, who could not be more different, come together to forge a life long connection. Jodi, a pregnant nineteen year old, who later becomes a struggling new mom, will ask Khaki, a mother of one and interior designer, the ultimate favor. 


Everything, Everything, by Nicola Yoon

I think I read correctly that Everything, Everthing is Yoon’s debut book, and an impressive one at that. As many of you know young adult novels are a guilty pleasure of mine, but in my defensive, there are some really great YA novels out there. 


Everything, Everything is a story of true love and two people who will risk everything for each other. This story will make you laugh, cry, make your heart grow and squeeze with suspense and everything in between.


When We Left Cuba, by Chanel Cleeton

This is a follow-up book to Next Year In Havana – it is the story of one of Elisa’s sister’s, Beatriz, who is a character that practically demands a book all of her own. 


The Cuban Revolution took many things away from Beatriz Perez, but most important to her, her brother. She is recruited by the CIA to infiltrate Castro’s inner circle and is pulled into the dangerous world of espionage. She finds herself caught between Cuban American politics and an affair with a senator, who just happens to be close friends with JFK. IN the end Beatriz is forced to make a choice between her past and future. 

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