Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Links I'm Loving

The past few weeks have obviously been pretty uneventful for the most part, and I will say at first that it drove me up the wall and back down again, but after I’ve adjusted to a different pace I have come to enjoy some aspects of it. Last year, at times, it could just be unbelievable crazy and stressful and I just felt like a was spread so thin, I will say there are some pluses to being forced to slow down your life {I am ready to return to the old normal though…} you have a bit more time to spend with friends and family, on yourself, and on things you enjoy doing that would normally be placed on the back burner. I like to think you can find a bright spot in any situation and thankfully there are a few in this one.
Does anyone else out there still consider grilled cheese sandwiches to be the ultimate form of comfort food? I’m kind of obsessed with watching cooking shows on YouTube, there’s just something relaxing about it… 

I’m convinced that I would have totally crushed in the 50’s/60’s… I wear dresses all the time, can knock out a flower arrangement like a pro, and love to host a gathering. These Herend look-alike chargers would be such a fun addition to a dinner party and would really elevate a white dinner plate

For the most part I automatically love pretty much anything that is blue and white, and One King’s Lane is like the promised land of blue and white home d├ęcor. Right now you can save up to 80%, plus another 20% off with code OKL20MORE

I love Jennifer Garner’s Instagram. She just makes you feel like you’re best friends who haven’t met yet. Here latest Instagram video is just too cute and too funny

In my honest opinion, you can never have too many T-strap sandals, and Tory Burch’s are my favorite. PSA: if you have a narrow foot, these sandals are for you. I already have these in ambra and definitely plan on getting this gold pair as well. 

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