Saturday, May 2, 2020

Links I'm Loving

I am in slight disbelief that it is already May… even though we are living under different circumstances at the moment; I still wish time would slow down a little… If Covid – 19 suddenly decides to go away that would be great too. I have honestly lost track of the days on a few occasions…  Despite it all, there are still some great links to be shared!
Who else secretly love boxed Mac & Cheese? I used to eat this stuff by the box, on a daily basis when I was like ten. Being at the age I am it’s kind of turned into a guilty pleasure… The Bon Appetit chefs have come up with varies ways to improve boxed mac & cheese and I am seriously tempted to try a few…

I absolutely love Mi Golondrina dresses. They are some of the most comfortable dresses ever mad and can be dressed up or down with the simple change of a shoe. This white dress with navy embroidery is one of my personal favorites! 

A few year’s ago one of my friends one of my friends became part of a county music duo, Hadley Park, and they are amazing! They just came out with a new album – download it; you will love it!

Who else has been playing board games with their family a lot lately? I love how board games have taken on being a functional design element for a family room. In all honesty, I am a big fan or acrylic, so, you can basically sign me up for any acrylic board game out there

There could not be a better time to start read a new book during a time like now. Kristy Woodson Harvey always comes out with such great spring/summer reads, and her new book has been simply fabulous so far! Be sure to keep an eye out for an official review, coming soon to the blog…

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