Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Road Trip Essentials

Fall seems to be the time of year when a cities liveliness is at its height. Football games, football watch parties, fairs, farmers markets, plus not to mention how beautiful nature is this time of year. This might sound old lady-ish to but if you are from Nashville you know full well that taking a drive down Old Natchez to enjoy the fall foliage is kind of a thing. Needless to say, fall is the perfect time to hop in the car and take a road trip; the scenery could not be better and there is always some event taking place. Today Peter Minkoff is sharing some Fall Road Trip Essentials and Tips in today’s guest post!
Towns and cities come alive in the fall, brimming with outdoor activities and festivals. Mother Nature begins to show its more picturesque side and many people are considering road trip adventures. Before hitting the road, though, it is best to take some time and figure out the essentials. Planning ahead increases the chances of having the time of your life and avoiding unpleasantness.

Digital maps

Maps have always been a traveler’s ultimate companion. Nowadays, you can digitize your atlas with a functional app such as Road Atlas for iOS. It is also possible to use them offline, which comes in handy during your escapades. Navigate the roads without getting lost and wasting any time.

Bluetooth speaker

A sleek Bluetooth speaker enables you to bring music with you no matter which highways and byways you decide to explore. You can also opt for a car radio that tunes to AM or FM stations. Of course, to make the most of this listening experience, make sure to put together a well-curated soundtrack.

A portable charger

Merely bringing your beloved devices does not cut if they run out of juice. To prevent this from happening, utilize portable chargers. There are a plenty of options on the market, including standout products by Uncommon Goods.


Having a bottle around for hydration is an absolute must. You can go for a regular bottle, but a quality flask is definitely worth considering. It is more suitable for traveling because it is designed to store hot or cold liquids. Let the smell of coffee fill the air and sip a refreshing beverage while the landscape passes you by.  

Pillow-blanket combo

Long hours on the road can get rather uncomfortable. Fortunately, a good old pillow does the trick, even more so if you combine it with a cozy roll-up blanket to wrap yourself up and stay warm. Catch some shuteye time in your vehicle and recharge your own batteries before arriving at a new destination.

Comfy clothes

Note that what you decide to put on has a profound impact on the comfort as well. Focus on comfortable pants that make your time in the backseat or behind the wheel much easier. Therefore, do not go anywhere without a pair. In addition, you can also do yourself a favor and bring leggings or yoga pants.


One can always eat at random diners, but it pays off to have some snacks around just in case. You can munch on them for all those miles in between. Just resist the temptation of bringing a boatload of junk food with you and pack some healthy treats, such as fruits, vegetables, and string cheese.


To capture magic moments, many people use smartphones and that works for most of them. To take it to the next level, however, invest in a camera and witness the splendor of colors and details. A spectacular view or a majestic sunset deserves nothing less than the latest tech prowess.

Repair tools

Having your car break down or tire go bust is one of the worst things that can happen on a road trip. Well, it is a good idea to prepare for the unexpected and have a toolbox in your trunk. Yet, do not fret if you cannot handle the situation yourself. Call a mobile mechanic and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


Neglecting luggage is a common mistake you want to avoid. So, shop around for large weekender bags like the ones by Pottery Barn. It is a no-brainer, especially for longer trips. In case you want to pack real light, you have a variety of backpacks and duffels at your disposal. On the other hand, a rattan basket is a stylish and practical solution for those who want to throw a nice picnic in nature.

No sleeping at the wheel

From great apps to fuzzy blankets, there are a lot of essentials to take into account. We have picked some road trip essentials to make your journey more convenient and entertaining. The investment of time and money pays dividends as you maneuver around road trip hurdles. Go ahead, immerse yourself in the great outdoors, soak in the gorgeous scenery, visit exciting new places, and bring back lasting memories. 


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