Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

As sad as I am to see the summer season slipping away I am excited for all fall has to offer, plus fall is pretty much my favorite time of year for fashion. The day of leaves crunching under your feet, the crackling of a fire on a cold night, s’mors, hot drinks, chunky sweaters, boots, outerwear, and the chance to layer to your hearts content is just around the corner! Below are some of the fall fashion trends that are already coming into play.
Velvet// From couches and throw pillows to dresses, tops, shoes, clutches, and more velvet is completely dominating the fall scene
Metallics & Sequins// The holidays are going to be extra fabulous this year since don’t have to wait till New Year’s Eve to wear metallic and sequins. Pssst… I’m kind of loving the metallic shoes and handbags!
Lady in Red// When has red ever gone out of style? I’d like to think never. Incase it ever did though, to make up for it red is going to be a feature color of this year’s fall season.
Bell Sleeves// Pretty sure the last time bell sleeves were in style I was in high school, and I was honestly kind of sad to see them go. This year they have re-emerged in a major way – tops, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, and coats, you can have as much bell sleeve as you’d like!
Plaids// In my book during the fall and winter months plaid is always an acceptable pattern, but expect it to be even more popular than usual this year – if that’s even possible
Checks// Another current trend that I like to think is in style every fall & winter!
Florals// Be still my heart…I am such a sucker for floral patterns. They are so perfectly whimsical, feminine, and fashionable all at the same time
Oversized Sweaters// I am so glad oversized sweaters are back in full force this year. Last year it was a battle between the cropped and slimmer fitting sweaters against the oversized sweaters. I love wearing a slimmer fitting sweater or cropped sweater with skirts and sleek pants, but for everyday I am glad the oversized sweaters came out on top; being able to wear leggings and a sweater is always so much more comfortable
Leather/ Faux Leather Pants/Leggings// Call me crazy but I am kind of loving the faux leather legging look right now. It has the ability to take an otherwise basic outfit to the next level
Boxy Cuts// I am kind of indifferent about this trend because when it comes to some things I prefer a more tailored look, but I can never get enough of boxy coats and sweaters
Faux Fur// Faux fur has seemed to be a big player in the fall fashion trends for about five years now, I think it’s safe to say that it is probably her to stay
Feather Embellishments// I am not ashamed to say that I am kind of in love with feather embellishments, especially on shoes, clutches, and the hem of a skirt. Even though it is a trend I feel like there is something classic about it and gives a little nod to the fashion era of the 1950’s and 1960’s