Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Slightly South of Simple

Kristy Woodson Harvey, the author of Dear Carolina and Lies and Other Acts of Love, is debuting her new book, Slightly South of Simple, the first in a series {so excited to read the rest!} today. A few years ago Kristy Woodson Harvey bravely came out with her first book, Dear Carolina, and has established herself as a warm Southern fiction writer who is here to stay.
A resident of North Carolina, graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holding a masters from East Carolina University, Harvey has no trouble at all get in touch with her authentic southern side and is able to magically transport her readers to any southern town, large or small. She is also writes an interior design blog, Design Chic, so needless to say she can flawless describe different building, rooms, houses, etc. that appear in any of her southern fiction books.
Slightly South of Simple is the first in an all-new series of books chronicling the life and journey of three sisters, their children, and their mother {the matriarch of the family} and a secret from the past, that was kept in good intention, that could either tear the family apart or reshape them.

Caroline Murphy, a true New Yorker through and through and the oldest of the three sisters, is forced to move her senior year to the small southern town of Peachtree Bluff after her father’s tragic death as a result of the attacks on 9/11. Being the naturally resourceful New Yorker she was she found her way back to New York a few months later, attended NYU, and married a New York high society heir. Fast forward to present day, after her marriage has fallen apart in a very public and very embarrassing way a pregnant Caroline packs up herself and her nine year old daughter and heads back to Peachtree Bluff to be with her mother, Ansley, and escape all the turmoil in her life that is underway.

Ansley has always put her three daughters first, even when she found out that her late husband left her with next to nothing. She was able to establish herself as a well respected interior designer and owner of a charming waterfront design business, and soon enough was able to stand on her own two feet. To Ansley’s surprise she finds out that all of her daughters will be coming to stay with her for an undetermined amount of time. Between Caroline’s current life crisis, her middle daughter Sloane, whose military husband is overseas, and her youngest daughter and successful actress Emerson, Ansley start to feel like the piece of herself she had finally found is slipping away. To add to Ansley’s already stressed and overwhelmed state someone from her past reappears in her life, along with a long time secret she has kept from her daughter that could potentially change their lives.

Slightly South of Simple is dripping with southern charm, style, emotional drama, love, and the bond that exist between all sister and mothers and daughters. A must-read for this summer season!


  1. Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing Slightly South of Simple- I'm beyond thrilled to have your support!