Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chic & Fit For Spring


Swimsuit season is quickly approaching {ahem…4 weeks} and I for one definitely did not do the best job of sticking to my New Year’s Resolutions of exercising more and eating healthy. I feel pretty confident in say that I am not the only one out there that is currently owning up to this fact. After all, winter is probably the absolute worst time of year to make a fitness/healthy eating goal; it’s cold outside and all you want to do is curl up with a blanket and either pasta, pizza, or chili – everyone is in compete hibernation mode. Thankfully for today’s guest post Peter is going to share a few tips for how to fit this spring season!
When January 1st hits and we flip a new page on the calendar, we swear that the era of holiday food, laziness and indulgence is behind us starting tomorrow, but once January 2nd comes and we often find ourselves still vegging out on the couch, eating snacks while binge watching TV shows. The good news is, at least according to psychologist Anjula Mutanda, we are not alone, and the mission of starting fresh, fitness-wise in the midst of cold is actually sentenced to doom. As she puts it: “New Year's resolutions like wanting to get more exercise or starting a healthier diet are counter-intuitive because, psychologically, we're still in the grip of winter hibernation mode in January.” Luckily, spring is a far better period for a fresh clean start and the blooming vibe entices you to reevaluate and change your habits. You’ve heard the expert, it is time to make a spring resolution and since the rays of sunshine are here to stay, it is time to get chic and fit. So, stay with us and learn how to welcome spring in style.

Baby steps

Renouncing all the food you love and depriving yourself of everything all at once can be highly counterproductive. In order to get real and consistent results, you need to start small, take baby steps. Kick off the era by reducing your carb intake; slowly start getting rid of processed foods. Moderation is key – if you clean out the pantry in one take, you might find yourself in the junk-food section of the supermarket before you know it, and be right back where you started – binge-eating while binge-watching.

Bring on the greens

Slowly start placing fruits and vegetables into your cart and your pantry. Begin preparing your own healthy meals – plan on eating fruits and/or vegetables every time you sit down for a meal. You will be doing your body a favor when it comes to disease prevention and you will more likely get the nutrients you need. Keep easy snacks with you, such as bananas, apples, and baby carrots to munch between the meals. Make sure you stock up on superfoods,  such as seeds, berries, greens, salmon – foods that are filled with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that will speed up your metabolism and restore a balance of your digestive flora.

Body’s little helpers

Aside from eating healthy, the body needs a helping hand when it comes to losing those pesky extra pounds, and that help often comes in the form of good and safe weight loss pills. Of course, they cannot do wonders on their own, you need to keep up with healthy balanced nutrition, and they can help by improving metabolism, aside from being a great fat-burning tool. There is also the famous matcha tea and if you are still not familiar with it, it is time you two got acquainted. Many magazines are sharing inside scoop on the wonders of matcha tea, so make sure you learn all about its benefits.

Get that body moving

All the healthy eating and nutritional supplements in the world will not get you the desired results unless you get that body moving. Take up light cardio, spinning, Pilates, yoga workout – there are so many choices and activities, you just have to pick the one most suited for your personality (and physical capability) and start. If you are not big on running or jogging, go back to step one – baby steps – and start with long walks, and soon enough you will get your stride back and be in great shape just in time for summer. 


  1. Yesss babe! Its definitely time for me to start working on my spring and summer body! These are all such great tips :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    XO Jessi,

    1. Agreed - it is time to hit the gym! Happy to see you enjoyed this post!