Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Luxury Winter Vacation Destinations


Towards the end of the winter months {aka after Christmas/New Year’s} I am so ready for a change of scenery. Between the cold weather and the sun making an early descent during the fall and winter months, things can easily become a little mundane after the holiday season is over. Sometimes you just need to take a trip, reflect, and get away from the grind of every day life. Today Peter Minkoff  was so kind to guest post about three wonderful winter vacation spots.

With the winter approaching the excitement for the upcoming season is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. Sure, we love the summer and the hotness of it but winter is that time of year when all things come into perspective and relaxation comes in as a must. The snow, the cabin, and the wine it all adds up to a perfect combination of everything you’ve been mentally preparing throughout the whole year. And if you are planning on vacationing with someone you love – this is a perfect way to reward yourself!

Winter with a twist is what you should be getting this time around! While the usual destinations are great and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, we feel its time mingled through your choices a bit and spiced things up! For everyone who isn’t minding the budget and is putting his/her comfort and excitement first, we are giving you some interesting and rather unusual destinations to think about this winter and, hopefully, opt for one of them.

If you’ve got a handful of winter-destinations under your belt and you think you’ve practically seen it all, think again! Greenland offers a thrilling Arctic adventure with no boundaries that will blow your mind!

Cold, full of wintery charisma and mystique, Greenland features stunning landscapes, with glorious crags of ice rising up out of quiet waters. Then, these tiny, colorful settlements appear as if of nowhere and you get so blissfully lost in this remote place, a lot of which is still virtually unknown. Talk about excitement!

Wooden kennels are sprawled across the snow resembling a mini village; the atmosphere is film-like, with some of the kennels absolutely silent and empty while others are noisy with the snarls and barks of the working dogs they house. If you find locals willing to give you a tour, expect a pack of dogs gathered to go for fishing and hunting adventure with you!

The down under beauty wouldn’t be anyone’s first winder choice. Sunny, exotic and still virtually unexplored, Australia always seems like a destination you’d pick for hot summer days and warm summer nights. However, Australia is so magnificent that it can offer you a wonderful time even during cold, winter days. Depending on your likes, locals would recommend snorkeling and diving in the mild waters of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, or snowboarding down Victoria’s powdered slopes. If you go around Christmas time, heading to the Blue Mountains for Christmas festivities is the best thing to do! Oh, and guess what – for everyone who is looking to combine the gorgeous and useful and do a little nip/tuck action, Australia is famous for high quality surgery; all the new trends in corrective surgery starting with lip fillers over herbal botox injections to non surgical nose jobs procedures are what you can easily get while vacationing in this gorgeous country!

Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon to role your eyes at the mention of California for the winter? You’d be surprised what all California has to offer, starting with the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park!
If you are in the mood to experience a distinctly Anglican understanding of a space and seemingly go back in time for a bit, celestial stained-glass windows, the high ceilings, stenciled beams, stone fireplaces and hand-woven tapestries of the Ahwahnee Hotel will take you straight there! This gorgeous place was built in 1927. What adds to its mystique and magic is its historic value, sort of - tons of stone and timber were hauled across perfidious mountain roads to provide an abode where visitors will be able to truly appreciate the most iconic views of this resort: Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point.


  1. I want to go to Australia so bad!

    I'm glad to see California is on your list :) It really is beautiful year round. There's so much to do! And Yosemite is one of my favorite places in the world.

    xo Azu

    1. Peter came up with some wonderful vacation spots! I haven't been to Australia but I really want to go!

  2. I say come out to California any time of year! Also, I booked a trip to Iceland for my winter vacation this year. I am dying to see the Northern Lights!

    1. A trip to Iceland sounds amazing!! I am sure the Northern Lights will be nothing short of spectacular!