Monday, November 2, 2015

Cardigans All The Way

When the air starts to turn crisp in the early fall months I am more than ready to break out one of my favorite cardigans. Confession: I am one of those annoying people who is always cold; I kid you not, I am actually comfortable in a long sleeve shirt when it is 90° out in the summer.

My fall uniform basically consists of a cardigan, leggings, Free People trapeze slip or plan white shirt, scarf {sometimes}, and boots to top everything off. I definitely consider a cardigan to be a wardrobe staple! I’m partial to the cardigans that are on the longer side – they go with everything: plaid shirts, dresses, V-necks, etc. Plus, {not to sound like a grandmother} they come in very handy when in a chilly movie theatre or restaurant. Below are a few of my favorite cardis I have come across this season.


  1. I also love cardigans!<3

  2. Great selection :) I love cardigans all year round but now that it's getting colder they are a real lifesaver!
    Christina ♥

    1. Cardigans are such a lifesaver in the winter months!